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FEATURE: Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2012 Part 2: Gunpla Builders World Cup Japan Regional Final

Two winners go to the World Cup finals in Tokyo on December 23

Gunpla Builders World Cup is a yearly world-wide tournament held among amateur modelers to show of their completed Gundam-related models. The regional competitions have been held in 13 regions (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, North America, and Italy) from May to December. The two Japanese representatives, one from Open course and one from Junior course (under the age of 14), are chosen by the visitors and special jury's votes at Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2012 this weekend. This year's Gunpla World Cup final match will be held at Gundam Front Tokyo in Odaiba on December 23rd (the last year's was held in Hong Kong). Which is your most favorite model?


FEATURE: Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2012 Part 1: Gundam Kits Collection


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the organizer's permission


2011 Open course world champion "Wish" by Tatsuhiko Yamaguchi




Open course entries

1. "The End of the War" by Masaru Ikeoka

2. "Bonds of the Battlefield -Soldiers of Sorrow-" by Masatoshi Ouchi

3. "DOM Enhanced Ground Type" by Yosuke Omura

4. "City Battle Independent Action Version" by Yoshio Kaizuka

5. "Gundam Exia Repair" by Tsuyoshi Kaji

6. "Awakening -shangri-La-" by Kazunori Kaneko


7. "Earth Federation's White Devil" by Makoto Kameda

8. "Geonic Geo Gundam" by Norihito Kubota


9. "GM Commander (Full Armor GM)" by Kenji Sato


10. "Unicorn Gundam Unit No.3: Dena Se" by Akimitsu Takano


11. "YMS-15 GYAN" by Naoya Takahashi


12. "TEST FLIGHT" by Yoshihisa Tamiya

13. "RX-78GP03S Gundam 'STAMEN'" by Keisuke Tsutsumi

14. "Prototype DOM" by Hiroyuki Nagano

15. "GUNDAM AGE 3 ~EVOLUTION~" by Yuhei Narita

16. "M61A5 Tank" by Manabu Hashimoto

17. "An Extraordinary Thing in the Ordinary Scene" by Tomoaki Fukui

18. "[fei]Gundam AGE-II Rock Hopper" by Kazuya Fukuda

19. "The Moment" by Kazuki Miwa

20. "Jupiterian" by Masahiro Mutsukasa

21. "Victory and Sorrow" by Saya Morokawa

22. "Merry Christmas sister Zabi" by Yasunori Yamagishi

23. "Encounter" by Tatsuhiko Yamaguchi

24. "Gundam Astray Bushido Frame Kai" by Kazunori Yamada

25. "Air Transit!" by Kazuo Watanabe

Junior course entries

1. "Bonds of the Battlefield -Destroyers in Jaburo-" by Yuki Ouchi

2. "The Bear in the Forest" by Akira Tanaka

3. "Char Custom ACGUY" by Yuna Tanaka

4. "The Sea of GOGG" by Mei Hatake

5. "REPAIR" by Shion Rikukasa


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