FEATURE: Akihabara Fire Station's Moe Mascot Girl Yokumi Kanda

Designed by Fox Konko-chan illustrator Tsukasa Nagano

Nowadays so many Japanese public facilities and organizations have their own moe/bishoujo mascot characters to promote their activities. Yokumi Kanda is the latest one. The Kanda Fire Station in Akihabara district of Tokyo announced that they have adopted a moe girl Yokumi Kanda as PR character for Autumn Fire Prevention Campaign and future events. She is designed by Japanese illustrator Tsukasa Nagano, who is famous for his design for Fox Konko-chan, the moe mascot girl for the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn.


Yokumi is now featured on the posters and pocket tissue packages for the campaign. You can find a lot of materials using her image at the station. I actually got one of the 2,000-limited pocket tissue pack when I visited there last weekend. It is very appropriate to have a moe mascot girl for the fire station in the city of moe culture.


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the station's permission


Kanda Fire Station in Akihabara


Yokumi poster outside of the building with other promotional posters


She is featured many places in the building


Pocket tissue packs you can take free (one for one person)


The one I got


Meanwhile, the emergency rescue team members of the station were doing some kind of training

in the back of the building


Source: Tokyo Shimbun

Image © Tsukasa Nagano

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