FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Second Fiddle Edition

Main characters wouldn't get anywhere without the help of these sidekicks

Fanart Friday returns, honestly having forgot that some of these characters even existed. Last week, we showed our thanks to some of our favorite heroes, but where would a hero be without a sidekick, or a best friend, or a second banana? That's why this week, we're checking out fanart of some less-famous faces, characters who forgo the glory of being the frontman and play second fiddle... as well as a few who honestly think they're main character material.



Seriously, what kind of an insult is "Barry Warry?" The bully in Sidekicks deserved to get his ass kicked.


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by jimbobox

Apparently, nobody ever told Vegeta that "second best" isn't that bad. It still means you're one of the best, just not the best. It's just that Vegeta's crippling self-esteem issues turn him into this giant baby who's afraid of not being the absolute best ever.



by ミスターX

See, Klein's okay with hanging back and not being the center of attention. But as we got to see in Sword Art Online, he's still a total badass when he needs to be, but we haven't seen him in the current arc yet. Maybe he swore off online video games altogether?



by janey-jane

I'm quite a bit behind on Doctor Who--the last time I watched, David Tennant was just starting of his run. But the Doctor's companion is just as important a part of the show as the Doctor himself--it's almost like finding out who the next Bond girl is.




I usually like to think that there are no main characters in slice-of-life series, but I guess I was proven wrong! You'd think Akari would be the protagonist of YuruYuri, but I don't even think she's technically a side character, she's just... one of those people in the background.



by つよ丸

See, Vegeta should be more like Zoro. A total badass in his own right, and just barely behind Luffy in terms of fighting ability, but he knows that there are more important things in life than being the best. In a way, the #2 position is "the first of the rest," and Zoro takes that position seriously.



by Xiling

Spock is another awesome executive officer who knows how important it is to play a supporting role. I appreciated how much the recent Star Trek reboot got into the Kirk-Spock dynamic and how each of them is perfectly suited for their roles on the Enterprise.



by マサ太郎

Street Fighter's A-team consists of Ryu, Ken, and Chun-li, but then you have these guys. Somehow, they bumble their way out of getting killed by Shadaloo's heavy hitters time and time again, and that does count for something.


by Pryce14

True story: while writing up the list for this week's installment, I completely forgot about Luigi. That kind of sums up the younger Mario bro's life story, except for his awesome parallel quest in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Actually, maybe we shouldn't talk much about that...



by nata

When it comes to Bleach's Renji, I mostly just feel bad for him. He gets his ass kicked by Ichigo twice, he gets to look cool fighting Byakuya for all of fifteen seconds, and then he's trotted out to fight nobodies with varying results. To top it all off, his painfully obvious feelings for Rukia just kind of fly right by the girl. He will always be a step behind Ichigo, and that's pretty sad, because Ichigo is boring as hell.



by くさか@ついった

I know there are a few of you who will argue that Bunny Barnaby Brooks Jr. is one of the main characters of Tiger & Bunny. Fair enough, but he's always a step behind Tiger. He's less concerned with saving people and more concerned with scoring points on Hero TV. And he's just not as cool! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to leave before I get lynched by female readers.


by EriDaiho

One of Halo's smartest ideas was humanizing the little objective-giving voice that told you where to go and what to blow up. Cortana had a lot of personality and character, which made Halo 4's quest to save her all the more emotional.



by 亜紀

Poor Hayashida, reduced to a moe shell of his usual hard-edged self. Cromartie High School may not be the safest school in Japan, but Hayashida helps Kamiyama navigate the insane delinquents-only school and its unusual inhabitants.



by z-nao-factor

Nobody likes C3PO. For real, I have not met a single person who likes Threepio, but everybody likes R2D2. Everybody also likes the Companion Cube. If you didn't feel bad having to incinerate your only friend in Portal, then I have to say that there's something very wrong with you.



by LadyGT

Looks like Tails took a look at his deviantArt tag and didn't like what he saw. I'm fairly understanding about the, uh... special things fans want to make art of, but there's something about the Sonic fandom that creates the weirdest stuff possible. I'm afraid to look up Sly Cooper art now.



by snareser

I don't feel bad for Arthur. His life was a mess before the Tick came along, and having the Mighty Chin of Justice at his side has allowed Arthur to rub shoulders with some of The City's best heroes, and, uh... almost get killed. Regularly. Maybe being an accountant isn't so bad, after all.



by 月わに@コミケ東L-49a3日

Nicholas D. Wolfwood takes a backseat to Vash's (accidental) destruction sprees, at least until kids get threatened. Then, for whatever ten-minute rampage he goes on, he's TRIGUN's leading man.



by schillingart

I didn't know Jake was so cultured! I also never saw him as a pug... he always seemed more like an English bulldog to me.



by 鷹屋ヨシユキ

Cowboy Bebop is such a dangerous series that Jet is pretty happy with being a second-stringer. Having to deal with Spike and Faye flying around and getting into shootouts is a little too exciting for somebody who's just looking to get paid and keep his ship flying.



by pizdUrRart

Everybody gives Frodo crap for "whining about the Ring," but he's basically carrying Satan himself around his neck. It's a good thing Sam tagged along the whole time--sure, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he kept Frodo grounded and served as a voice of reason.



by 藤田ナツミ

Robin--specifically Dick Grayson--is the O.G. sidekick, but one of the best, most interesting aspects of his character is that even though he's struck out on his own, he still lives in the immense shadow of his mentor. Wait, didn't Dick show up last week as Nightwing?



by Bryan Lacie

Hit it right on the head there, man. What the hell is wrong with Ash? Can't he see that he's destroying Brock's future?!


And that's everything for this week! There's no way I could have included everybody, so who are some of your favorite sidekicks and second bananas? Sound off in the comments!


Of course, your work is always welcome here on Fanart Friday, regardless of your skill level or experience, so just send me a link to your work, and I'll make sure to include it in a future installment! For those of you wanting to get something together for next week, we'll be powering up and screaming for the entire column with DRAGON BALL Z's colorful cast!


Thanks again for checking out Fanart Friday! I hope everybody has a great weekend, and we hope to see you next time!

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