Join the Crunchies!

Now accepting applications for Crunchyroll's Secret Society of Awesome People

Hear ye! Hear ye! Crunchyroll’s secret society of elite shock troop commandoes known as “Crunchies” is now accepting applications for new members!



What exactly are the Crunchies? Well, I can’t say too much… It is a secret society after all…but I can say that it is something like a cross between the Freemasons, a ninja clan, the Muppet Babies, and the EVA pilot program...with strong ties to the Crunchyroll Ambassador program.


Crunchies are like EVA pilots...only less dysfunctional (we hope)


Their task? To help support and promote the Crunchyroll brand in all manner of fun and sneaky ways.


And in return for sharing the love of anime and Asian pop entertainment, Crunchies get a bounty of perks, including insider information on the goings-on behind the locked doors at CR, an exclusive badge to show off on their CR profile page, special codes for sharing Crunchyroll with friends, with lots more goodies planned for the future.


Right now, we are looking for more members to become Crunchies and carry the flame. So read on if you think you got what it takes…





We are looking for super fans with strong, nearly obsessive participation in the following fields: Cosplay, Blogging, Video Reviewing, Comics-making, Conventions, Anime Music Video-making, heck, any kind of fan activity that you are good at and have some kind of outlet devoted to it  (ala a facebook page, Twitter, a blog, a YouTube channel, etc.).




Email this address, right here, and tell us a little about yourself, share your links, and let us know why you wanna become a Crunchie. Enrollment will be open until 12/25. And be sure to include your Crunchyroll user name!


And while the rest of the world unknowingly guzzles eggnog and watches Christmas specials until they pass out on the sofa, we will be tirelessly sifting through the applications, selecting the finest, most ruthless specimens to become Crunchies, with welcome emails and instructions for PHASE TWO going out the first week of 2013.



So there you have it. An open invitation to a secret club house… How far does the rabbit hole go? Do you take the red pill, or blue pill? What am I even talking about? EMAIL HERE BECOME A CRUNCHIE AND FIND OUT!

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