FEATURE: Comic Market 83 "Touhou Project" Game PV Collection

Real-time strategy, 3D action, tile-matching, and more!

The 83rd Comic Market/Comiket, the world's largest event for self-published manga (doujinshi) and other materials such as music CDs, games, and original goods, will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 29th to 31st. The most popular genre at the event is a doujin game series Touhou Project developed by Team Shanghai Alice. At least 2,414 amateur circles, 2.4 times more than the second popular title Tiger & Bunny (1,014 circles), will participate in the event. Some circles have already posted the promotional videos for their newest Touhou doujin games in the web. Which Touhou game do you want to play?


Top 10 genre at Comic Market 83

1. Touhou Project (2,442 circles)

2. Tiger & Bunny (1,014)

3. Kuroko's Basketball (900) - cancelled

4. The [email protected] (744)

5. Hetalia (688)

6. Sengoku BASARA (622)

7. Vocaloid (514)

8. The Prince of Tennis (426)

9. Magi (424)

10. PreCure (414)


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 "Touhou✩Strategy ~Lotus Craft~" 

  Real-time strategy game by Neetpia




"Gensoukyo Taisen"

   3D action strategy game by Under the Gun




"Touhou Geneisho"

  Tile-matching game by Honey Label



"Suwako's Patcheris"

 Action puzzle game by UTG Software



"Touhou Card Monsters"

 Mini RPG by Strawberry Bose

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