FEATURE: Comic Market 83 Vocaloid Song PV Collection

Lapis, Rin, Yukari, and of course Miku!

The 83rd Comic Market/Comiket, the world's largest event for self-published manga (doujinshi), will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 29th to 31st. Vocaloid is the seventh popular genre at the event (514 circles). Many circles will release their newest Vocaloid song CDs there and some of them have already posted promotional videos of the featured songs in the web. Here's some samples. Which is your favorite song?


 "Winter Happy Night" Aoki Lapis

  by Clean Tears



"Haruoi" Kagamine Rin

  by clear quartz




"Sky-blue Sounds and Notes" Yuzuki Yukari

    by Glassplots



"Glory✩Lonely✩Star"  Hatsune Miku

  by Tako no Tsubo



"andante" Hatsune Miku





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