VIDEO: Cosplay Compilations of 2012!

Victoria picks the best of a bumper crop

Hey guys, this is Victoria ~ !
2012 has been a good year for us cosplayers. Around the country, convention dates were blessed with beautiful weather. Certain major conventions saw attendance nearly doubled, and some smaller cons even tripled! 2013 holds for us the adventures of new venues, new anime, games, manga, and of course new cosplayers ~ !
BUT, before we embark upon the journey that is the unknown, veteran videographer and famed convention goer Acksonl delivers to us a few compilation videos made with footage from nearly 10 different cons around the USA ~ ! 



Now just when you thought we've seen it all, Youtube's own ChillyWillyTube brings his finest moments with his "outtake" collaboration videos. 




Can 2013 match the madness that was the 2012 Convention Scene ? Let's hope so! 


Cosplayer, fangirl, and RPG enthusiast Victoria Holden can be found online at You can follow her on Twitter at @sailorbee

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