FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Home Library Edition Vol. 2

Start the new year with a trip through CR's library--maybe you'll find something new to watch!

Fanart Friday returns, having only lost $21 on a trip to Vegas. Last week, Joseph took us on a trip through the land of the second-best video game genre ever made, but this week, we'll be doing the exact same thing we did last year. That's right, we're cruising through Crunchyroll's anime library!



Doesn't really have anything to do with, uh... anything--I just like the song. Let's get this show on the road!


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by ガリ

I bring up Shugo Chara more often than you'd expect--maybe it has something to do with it being a typical-seeming magical girl series that happens to be a lot of honest, no-frills fun.



by YahaKo

It took a while for REBORN! to shift gears from a goofy comedy to a more serious action series, but I think it was worth it. Do you think they'll ever get around to animating the rest of the series?



by 幻の桜

I absolutely loved (what I've seen of) My Little Monster. Usually the "comedy" part of a romantic comedy deals with a normal person having to cope with a weirdo, but in this case, both parties are a little off, and it's funny as hell! A little more realistic, too...



by 中野

I don't think Gintama's leading man Sakata Gintoki is cut out to be a teacher. He already has a walking, talking scandal problem in the form of Ayame, but the real issue would come from him spending all his time reading JUMP (or sneaking out of class to get the new issue).



by egocoroking

It's a more standard romance than My Little Monster, but Say "I Love You" has an honesty and bittersweet feeling that makes it kind of hard to watch sometimes. You ever notice how in anime, kids are actually the most evil, traumatizing, complex-causing people?



by 穀雨

Naruto is another series that has steadily become darker as it's continued, especially the Naruto Shippuden follow-up. Betrayal, regular character deaths, and the threat--and eventual outbreak--of war constantly raise the stakes for what was once a rather light-hearted action show.


by F子

Hunter X Hunter has just started the Greed Island arc, but I think the best part of this (so far much cooler) re-do is the reactions of people who have never seen this story before. I also think that with Sword Art Online having recently come to a close, the Greed Island arc couldn't have come at a better time!



by X布

There were a lot of new shows in 2012, so I actually didn't get a chance to catch The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, even though it's one of our most popular titles!



by NorthAbyssor

Okay, fine--it's cool if you like Girls und Panzer, I'm not one to criticize somebody for their tastes. But when is it gonna end? The "cute girls doing cute things cutely" trend is just going to keep going forever and ever with no end in sight!



by soritari

Medaka Box is another one I haven't kept up with--I read a stretch of the manga late in 2011, but beyond that I haven't seen much of the anime. Think I should pick this one up?



by 米っち

Magi is kind of like the halfway point between Slayers and Berserk in terms of fantasy anime. Plus, it covers Middle Eastern mythology (and just a dash of Chinese mythology), giving us atmosphere that you don't often see in anime.



by ぼんこ

I was initially a little worried about Saint Seiya Omega, but actually watching the show put all my fears to rest. The fights are brutal, the characters are likeable, and it's unusually straightforward and genre-savvy about the whole thing.



by はち公

Y'know what BTOOOM! is? It's Bomberman! Okay, in a way it's like playing TF2 where everybody is Demoman, but it's still vicious! I miss hardcore seinen actioners like this!



by 志波のし

Like I said, Naruto gets almost oppressively serious at times... which is where Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals come in! This show is a lot of ridiculous fun, but I can honestly only watch so many episodes in a row before I need a break.



by たばこ

I totally appreciated when Blast of Tempest set aside almost an entire episode to explain the magic system, and to show what a crazy advantage the bad guys held. I also totally appreciate any time Evangeline Yamamoto is on-screen, even if she's kinda nuts.



by genya

Crossover time! Total Eclipse is an intense and often-depressing series about humans fighting a losing war, but wouldn't the fight against the BETA be a lot easier with Fate/Zero's Lancer on the front lines?



by 双葉*インテ:た13b

Ixion Saga DT is based on a Capcom MMORPG, where... a guy gets stuck in a game? That's been happening a lot this year, but the art and animation is certainly nice enough to reel me in. But why is it always RPGs that people get stuck in? Why do you never see anybody get stuck in Silent Hill or something?



by 白木

It's nice to still see Bleach here, no matter how much I complain about it. Simple formula for success: make Chad, Orihime and Ishida the main characters, bury Ichigo under a landslide forever and ever, and suddenly you have a series where heroes have to be intelligent and use limited power creatively in order to win.



by しょういん

It takes a lot for a series to take that coveted spot behind Naruto Shippuden in popularity, but through a combination of solid storytelling, characters you can't get enough of, and jaw-dropping animation, Sword Art Online has claimed it. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should!


And that's all for this week!


Like I say every week, your work is always welcome here, regardless of your skill level or experience. For those of you wanting to get something put together for next week, we'll be taking a dip and warming up for winter with a HOT SPRINGS edition!


What are your favorite shows on Crunchyroll? With the app now available on PS3 and Xbox 360, what shows have you been putting on your flat-screen?

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