Crunchyroll Ambassador Program Now Taking New Applicants

50 slots now available

Hey guys, this is Victoria ~ ! 

I'd like to go ahead and officially announce that we are taking new applications for the Crunchyroll Ambassador Program ~ ! 


SpacePizzaCosplayVashFanaticVensy and OwlDepot.

We first started this endeavour over a year ago, and we have seen our Ambassadors grow in leaps and bounds in that time span. Many of them have grown closer, made new friends and have been given opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have had. 

For those of you that do not know what the Crunchyroll Ambassador Program is, read up! 

Hee-HeeElectric-LadyVensy and Maridah

First announced at FanimeCon 2012, the Crunchyroll Ambassador Program is aimed at TOP LEVEL cosplayers, videographers, industry professionals, anime review bloggers, photographers, writers, and all sorts of other passionately active otaku. 

50* ( fifty ) new applicants in all will initially be selected to become a Crunchyroll Ambassador and will be prominently featured on, all of our Social Networks, as well as get a chance to participate in high profile campaigns and anime-related events (see details below).

This year alone, our Ambassadors have been featured in several Japanese publications, TV Programs and other over-seas media. They have been given opportunities to meet industry professionals and other celebrities through their partnership with Crunchyroll. 

 Some Ambassadors, such as The Insane Game Freak, have even been given publishing rights, and have their videos and anime reviews available and streamed on! 

Johnny n' JunkersHopieOkageo Cosplay and SpacePizzaCosplay

Ambassadors receive special discounts on Anime merchandise sold in the Crunchyroll Store, as well as other cosplay-related vendors we have partnered with! 

Crunchyroll Ambassadors like Johnny n' Junkers have even become contributors for Crunchyroll News! 
Writing hilarious articles that we share with the Anime News world. 

Jerry Polence 

Being a Crunchyroll Ambassador means :

• Receiving a FREE Premium Membership used to watch, discuss, and share your favorite titles ~ ! 

EARN CASH for sign-ups ~ ! With our Crunchyroll Affiliate program, you earn $5.00 for every new Crunchyroll Premium Member sign-up you claim.

• You are now officially recognized by Crunchyroll! We will feature your COSPLAY or PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEOS or REVIEWS on our site using news articles, banners, Facebook, Twitter, etc.!

• Select ambassadors will be given FREE VIP ACCESS to anime conventions. 

Ambassadors, Electric-Lady and SpacePizzaCosplay answer fan's questions at the Crunchyroll Panel at AX 2012!

• Become a featured cosplayer at the con booth! We will promote your presence, set up a table for you to meet/greet your fans and allow for photo opportunities ~ ! It’s your time to shine, and at the same time, you’ll be helping Crunchyroll at conventions ~ ! 

• Receive your own Crunchyroll Ambassador contact cards!


Your mission as a Crunchyroll Ambassador: Promote Crunchyroll using your own unique skills and outlets, with the goal of creating new Crunchyroll Anime Memberships.

How to do this:

• Wear the OFFICIAL Crunchyroll Ambassador badge on your facebook, cosplay blog, deviantART, anywhere you hang out online ~ ! This would be a small “stamp” image, to be placed in the corner of your cover photo, and watermarkered on select photographs, etc.

• Link your account to your facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr! Watch at least ONE new or existing Crunchyroll title and write a review for our site! Not a writer, how about a video review? Also, don’t forget to tweet about it ~ !

• Wear the official Crunchyroll Ambassador’s bracelet / ribbon at Anime Conventions, and direct traffic whenever you can to the Crunchyroll booth.

• Join the Crunchyroll Ambassador’s Group on, and submit progress photos, video-updates, and news about your upcoming projects!

• Actively engage on discussion of news articles, anime episodes, and convention pages on our site ~ ! 



IchigoKitty Cosplay

As you can see, we already have great cosplayers joining the ranks as Crunchyroll Ambassadors. 

And the best part ? We don't mind if you work with other companies or partners ~ ! We encourage all Ambassadors to become further involved with the Anime Industry how they see fit! Crunchyroll strives to create an environment of fun and harmony among it's Ambassadors. 

After all, in the end, we just love Anime!

SO, for more information on how to become a Crunchyroll Ambassador program, please CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW~!!! 


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