FEATURE: Day Of Manga - A Twitter Tribute To "God Of Manga" Osamu Tezuka

The spirit of Osamu Tezuka lives on in his art and people he inspired after 25 years since his passing



It's been 25 years since Osamu Tezuka, the father of Manga, god of anime, the one considered the "Japanese Walt Disney", had passed away. February 9th is set as "Day Of Manga" and many artists pay tribute to the legendary artist whose works include Astro Boy, Black Jack, Princess Knight, Adolf and Hi No Tori (Phoenix) to name a few.


Every year on the Day Of Manga, many artists and fans who are inspired by him pay tribute by uploading their interpretation of their favorite Tezuka characters.


Black Jack by Nagatsuki Misoka, manga artist



Kimba the White Lion by Namba Hitoshi, Director, HEROMAN, GOSICK



Phoenix 2772, by Kikumaru Bunta, manga artist



Astro Boy by Hayama Junichi, animator



Dororo by Sumitomo Yoshiyuki, illustrator, manga artist



Princess Knight by Nishimata Aoi, illustrator



Hyoutantsugi (a signature Tezuka character) by Yokota Mamoru, animator


Adolf by Monden Akiko, manga artist




Black Jack in Tezuka Osamu cosplay by Ookuma Yugo, manga artist, Young Black Jack




Tezuka Osamu Official Site (English)

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