FEATURE: Crunchyroll Ambassadors At AOD

Cosplay photos of Crunchyroll Ambassadors found at AOD

Some of you may have heard of Crunchyroll Ambassador Program, and some of you may have seen the watermarked photos on internet. The Crunchyroll Ambassador program was created to help blur the line between Industry and Fan. Crunchyroll Ambassadors are brand representatives of Crunchyroll, and as their parent company, Crunchyroll provides them with promotion, industry connections and the tools they need to help make their dreams reality. They are a group of striving cosplayers, photographers and anime reviewers serious about having fun with their art!


Meet some of the Cosplay Ambassadors I spotted at AOD.


SailorBee is our Comminity Manager and the head of the program.





Photo by Toshiyasu Morita




Charmie Sweets









Kimba Sprite Cosplay


Photo by Toshiyasu Morita



Mari Watanabe, she had a Salor Moon show at AOD, just like she does at any other Bay Area conventions.




Lala Dawn Cosplay







Photo by Toshiyasu Morita




Photo by Ben Lam at Cosplay Photographers who are also Crunchyroll Ambassador:)






The twins won Best in Show Runner Up for their Star Driver: The Movie cosplays at Animation On Display (AOD)'s masquerade!

Photo by Elliot Trinidad and a Camera

Look for them at future cons and live streaming shows on Crunchyroll!

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