500 Japanese Women Pick The Top 10 Dream Celebrity Boyfriends

The boys in Arashi proved their popularity by all of them being voted within the Top 10

Oricon Style polled 500 Japanese women in their teens to forties for the Japanese male celerity that they would like to make their boyfriend. I tried to choose photos that are friendly to Crunchyroll News readers. See if you recognize any of them.


1. Sakurai Sho

Sakurai is a member of very Popular Johnny's idol group, Arashi. Not only he is handsome, but he also appears on a news program to show his intelligent side. But for anime fans, he maybe recognized as Gan-chan / Yatterman-1 from Live Action Yatterman movie in 2009.



Unfortunately, the movie gained lots of attention because of Fukada Kyoko as Doronjo more than because of Sakurai.





2. Mukai Osamu


Although Mukai fell from Number 1 spot since last year, he is still hugely popular for his model looks and his cooking skills. He is familiar among anime fas for his live action roles as Joji in Paradise Kiss movie, Mayama Takumi in Honey And Clover and Kikuchi Toru in Nodame Cantabile.

Mukai as Koizumi Joji


Mukai as Mayama


Mukai as Kikuchi


Mukai tried voice acting for the first time for Doraemon. Mukai's character, "Mukai Osaru" will guest on March 1st in Japan. When you make it to Doraemon, you are definitely a household name in Japan.



3. Fukuyama Masaharu


Fukuyama came in second last year but could not save the spot due to growing Arashi popularity. An awesome actor and a hit musician, he is one of the most beautiful Japanese men over 40. As far as anime goes, Fukuyama also has his own character in Doraemon while produced and performed the movie opening theme for the series.






4. Nishijima Hidetoshi



Nishijima Hidetoshi came in 4th out of nowhere, being out of ranking last year. He has not done anime roles yet, but I remember him from creating a buzz in January for his role in NHK drama, Yae No Sakura, because of his chiesled body.



His voice is also highly regarded. He did a voice over on French animation film Tales of the Night (French: Les Contes de la nuit) with Sakamoto Maaya, released at Tokyo International Anime Fair in 2012.




5. Matsumoto Jun


Matsumoto Jun is another member from Arashi and he has had many live action manga / anime roles, proving his anime-like good looks. His past roles include, Kingaichi Hajime of Kindaichi Case Files, Momo in Kimi Ha Pet (English title: Tramps Like Us), and Domyouji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango (English title: Boys Over Flowers).


Matsumoto as Momo




6. Aiba Masaki


Aiba is another member of Arashi who appears a lot of variety shows in Japan. I ws not able to find any anime / manga related work he has done, but I was able to find his crossdressing photo.





7. Ikuta Toma


Although Ikuta is not a member of Arashi, he is another Johnny's Entertainment actor. He was also in Hana Yori Dango Returns as Oribe Junpei with Matsumoto and as Nakatsu Shuichi in Hana-Kimi drama. Not anime related, but Ikuta starred as Hikaru Genji in the Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo (English: The Tale of Genji: A Thousand Year Mystery). When you can pull off the ultimate Japanese playboy, it definitely means something as a mele actor.





8. Ohno Satoshi

The multi-talented leader of Arashi came in 8th, dropping from 5th last year. Other than acting and singing, he also choreographs many of Arashi's songs. Ohno also starred in the live action adaptation of Fujiko Fujio's classic, Kaubutsu Kun.




9. Matsuzaka Tori


He is Shinken Red! Tokusatsu series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenjer aired in 2009 in Japan. Keeping the same spot as last year, Matsuzaka is still grabbing the heart of young girls and moms alike.





10. Ninomiya Kazunari

 Ninomiya is the last member of Arashi to make it to the list and he also is a Hollowood actor. Some of you may have remember him from Letters from Iwo Jima, directed by Clint Eastwood. He was also in live action adaptation of GANTZ movie as Kurono. He also voiced the main character, Kuro(Black)/The Minotaur, for Tekkonkinkreet movie.



I found a photo of Ninomiya cosplaying as Kuro of Tekkonkinkreet.



That is what Japanese women picked, but what do you think? Do you agree with them or not?

If you have to go out with a human in realty (meaning, excluding perfect guys in anime), would you date any of them from the list? I would like to take 2,3,4, 5 and 10 to go myself.

If your favorite Japanese male celebrity didn't make the list, tell me about him, too!


Photos of Yatterman movie : Source

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