FEATURE: Tokyo Anime Fair 2013 Photo Report Part 1: Industry Booths

Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Toriko, Tiger & Bunny, Naruto, and more!

This year's Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF for short), one of the largest anime trade fairs in the world, was held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 21st to 24th. The first two days (21st and 22nd) were only open to the anime industry members and the press, the last two days (23rd and 24th) were open to the public including enthusiastic anime fans. Many famous anime companies in Japan such as Toei animation (One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, PreCure), Sunrise (Gundam, Tiger & Bunny), TMS Entertainment (Detective Conan), Gainax (Gurren Lagann) and Studio Pierrot (NARUTO) participated in the event and promoted their popular and latest titles. I was able to attend the last day and take some photos of the exhibitions for the Crunchyroll News readers. Please enjoy!


* all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the TAF organizer's permission


Tokyo Big Sight on Sunday morning


TAF welcome board


The entrance featuring Precure All Stars New Stage 2, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, and the 2nd season

of Saint Seiya Omega




Toei Animation 

Shenron from Dragon Ball



Goku and Luffy life-size statues


Toriko life-size statue


Kigurumi Toriko, Goku, and Luffy on stage


Trafalgar Law (One Piece) life-size statue


Pegasus Koga (Saint Seiya Omega) life-size statue



Tohoku Shinsha


Live action Patlabor project begins


Production: Tohoku Shinsha/Omnibus Japan

No mention of HEADGEAR, the original creator team of Patlabor (Mamoru Oshii, Kazunori Ito, Yutaka Izubuchi,

Akemi Takada, Masami Yuuki)


Sunrise/Bandai/Bandai Visual

Katsuhiro Otomo's shorts omnibus Short Peace


Tiger & Bunny


TV Tokyo



Gintama: The Movie Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare

Studio Pierrot


Magical Angel Creamy Mami

Sho Pro

Detective Conan baloon

Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea


Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea

TMS Entertainment

Lupin The Third

Kamisama Hajimemashita


Gainax announced six new possible titles at TAF

Akubi o Suru ni wa Wake ga Aru

Theatrical feature animation Aoki Uru (director: Hiroyuki Yamaga/character designer:Yoshiyuki Sadamoto)

Tenshi Yohou: The Strange Weathers



Houkago no Pleiades movie

Musical Wizard (original story by Hiroyuki Yamaga)


Cowboy Bebop illustration by Toshihiro Kawamoto, the original character designer


Tezuka Productions


Comix Wave Films

Mokoto Shinkai's new film Kotoha no Niwa



Macross Frontier and Bodacious Space Pirates


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