FEATURE: "Oreimo" Exhibition at Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara

Posters, anime scene panels, magazine illustrations, and more!

Oreimo. (Short for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.) must be the most anticipated TV anime sequel in this season. In commemoration of the start of broadcasting, Tokyo Anime Center in the Akihabara UDX building is now holding a special exhibition featuring the second and final season of the TV anime adaptation of Tsukasa Fushimi's popular light novel series. If you are the fan of the series, you have already known the famous building in Akihabara very well. You can find so many Oreimo-related stuff including posters, anime scene panels, illustrations for the Japanese anime magazines, and various kinds of goods featuring the cute Oreimo heroines. The exhibition will be held till May 12th. Check th photo report below!   


The second season of Oreimo is simulcasted by Crunchyroll now!!


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with TAC's permission

The latest Akihabara report (more coming!)

FEATURE: Anime/Game Street Ads in Akihabara: April 2013


The Akihabara UDX building. Just like you've seen in the anime, the big screen keeps playing anime-related PVs and CMs.


TAC was decorated with the Oreimo character flags and posters


TAC entrance (admission free)


About 3m size illustration on the floor




Life-size character panels


The big monitor was playing the OP and PVs for the second season


Scene panels from the early episodes of the second season


Anime character references


Key animation illustrations


The OP theme song singers ClariS' CD


Pillow covers for Dengeki Magazine


Illustrations for the Japanese anime magazines


B1-size tapestry for Anime Contents Expo  2013


Character charms


Cell phone strap


Messenger bags


Letter sets


Chapstick lip balm


Commuter pass containers


The flyer for the season 2 Blu-ray & DVD which will start releasing in Japan on June 19th




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