FEATURE: "A Certain Scientific Railgun S Only Shop" at Animate Akihabara Store

Famous otaku store in Akihabara welcomes the "Railgun" fans

The end of April through around May 5th is called "Golden Week" in Japan since there are many national holidays during this period. We have three consecutive holidays (April 27-29) and four holidays (May 3-6) this year. Most of Japanese offices close for a week and people take a vacation and travel around the country or abroad.


Of course the Akihabara town in Tokyo is one of the most crowded tourist attractions during this time. Many otaku-oriented shops in the area are now offering special events and campaigns. Animate, the largest retail chain of anime, games, and manga in Japan, has opened a special "Only Shop" section featuring A Certain Scientific Railgun S at its Akihabara store. You can get most of their Railgun character goods including limited items for the event all at once. The section will be opened till May 6th, the last day of this year's Golden Week. Check the inside of the shop!


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the store's permission

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Animate Akihabara Store



The poster for the event


Even the elevator in the store is decorated with the Railgun S illustration


"Railgun S Only Shop" section on the 7th floor



Anime scene panels


The monitor playing the PVs of the anime


"A Certain Magical Index The Movie: Miracle of Endymion" panel


Character goods section



Shop-limited mini towels


"Chara Peta" stickers


Plastic sheets


Cell phone straps


IC card stickers and pouches


Graphig papercraft figures


Stuffed doll


DVD and Blu-ray discs


Magazines and manga


The flyer for the second season of the TV anime


Street ad

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