FEATURE: Handmade "PreCure" Character Bags All-Stars Edition

With the interview and photos of the creator, CureLicca-san

Since my previous report which introduced 18 bags in February, the Japanese amateur creator CureLicca has been working very hard to complete her handmade PreCure character bag collection. With her own strong passion for PreCure and ardent support of the fans (including myself), she finally finished making all of the bags for the 33 PreCure girls from the 1st series Futari wa PreCure to the newest Dokidoki PreCure!!




I had the opportunity to meet CureLicca-san in person at Rainbow Flavor 8, the biggest PreCure doujinshi event in Japan, on April 28th. The event was held at Otaku Sangyo Plaza PIO and more than 300 amateur PreCure circles gathered to display and sell their latest doujinshi. Her private circle “Phase-D” exhibited her PreCure bags and other PreCure-inspired goods including scrunchies, hairpins, earrings, and straps. Not surprisingly, all of her goods were sold out in only a few hours. She was also a famous cosplayer and wore the her own beautiful cosplay costume of Cure Aqua (Yes! PreCure 5) at the event.


Phase-D booth at Rainbow Flavor 8 (April 28)


CureLicca-san's "Cure Aqua" cosplay costume


CureLicca-san's official photos




She kindly gave me a permission to post the photos of her bags and other goods again on the Crunchyroll News, and answered my questions via email later.


1. When did you become a fan of PreCure? And why?

I think it was in 2007. A friend of mine recommended the 3rd TV series Yes! PreCure 5 to me, which was broadcasted on TV at the time. Then I fell in love with Cure Aqua/Karen Minazuki. So she made me a fan of the PreCure series.


2. What are your most favorite PreCure series and character?

Yes! PreCure 5 and Cure Aqua/Karen Minazuki


3. What was the reason that you started making your own PreCure goods?


I didn’t have any particular reason…, but if pressed I would say, I have loved drawing and making something since I was a child. So the two of my most favorite things “making something” and “PreCure” fused inside of me and it made me start making my own PreCure goods perhaps.


4. How many and what kind of goods have you made so far?


The PreCure related goods I have made are costume-like bags, scrunchies, pocket tissue cases, straps, earphone jacks, and earrings for cosplay, and other little cosplay items. I can’t tell how many actually they are anymore.


5. How was the visitors’ reaction to you at Rainbow Flavor 8?


I was surprised that it was more than I had expected. There were long lines of the shoppers in front of my booth right after the event started. All of my goods were sold out immediately. So many people couldn’t get what they wanted. I was so happy to meet with the people who said to me, “I am always checking your Twitter and blog.”


6. Is there any other kind of goods that you want to make in future? And any plan for another event?


I am always thinking of new ideas, but for now I want to make scrunchies for other PreCure girls and more accesaries for each characters. My next event will be Rainbow Flavor 9 in Tokyo on December 8th.


7. I’ve learned that you are also a very famous cosplayer. What kind of character have you cosplayed and who is your most favorite character?


Karen Minazuki (Yes! PreCure 5)

Cure Aqua (Yes! PreCure 5)

Dark Aqua (Yes! Precure 5: Great Miraculous Adventure in the Mirror Kingdom!)

Cure Berry (Fresh PreCure!)

Cure Sunshine (Heartcatch PreCure!)

Cure Melody (Suite PreCure♪)

Nadia (Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water)

Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)

Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)

Diol Twee (Otomedius)

Shizuku Minase (Hello Kitty to Issho!)

Haruka Suzumiya (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien)

Licca-chan doll


and many my own original costumes

Most favorite: Sheryl Nome’s black bunny and Cure Aqua



Cure Black bag


Cure White bag


Shiny Luminous bag

"Futari wa PreCure Max Heart" team

Cure Bloom bag

Cure Egret bag

"Futari wa PreCure Splash Star" team

Cure Dream bag

Cure Rouge bag

Cure Lemonade bag

Cure Mint bag

Cure Aqua bag

Milky Rose bag

"Yes! PreCure 5" team and Milky Rose

Cure Peach bag

Cure Pine bag

Cure Berry bag

Cure Passion bag

"Fresh PreCure!" team

Cure Blossom bag

Cure Marine bag

Cure Sunshine bag

Cure Moonlight bag

"Heartcatch PreCure!" team

Cure Melody bag

Cure Rhythm bag

Cure Beat bag

Cure Muse bag

"Suite PreCure♪" team


Cure Happy bag


Cure Sunny bag


Cure Peace bag


Cure March bag


Cure Beauty bag


"Smile PreCure!" team


Cure Echo bag


Cure Heart bag


Cure Diamond bag


Cure Rosetta bag


Cure Sword bag


"Dokidoki! PreCure" team


"Fresh PreCure!" earphone jacks


"Fresh PreCure!" hairpins

"Fresh PreCure!" donut earrings


Character scrunchies

Cure Sunny Princess Form pocket tissue case

"Yes! PreCure 5" earrings for cosplay

"Dokidoki! PreCure" earrings for cosplay

*All of the photos are posted with the creator CureLicca's permission. Thank you Licca-san!

PreCure images © ABC/Toei Animation

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