FEATURE: First Impressions: AnimeSols

Streaming portal combines Kickstarter-style pledging with classic anime

After first being announced late last year -- and drawing much attention for its focus on older anime titles as well as its adoption of a Kickstarter-alike model for home video release -- AnimeSols officially began operations yesterday with its slate of titles including Creamy Mami, Tekkaman, Black Jack and Yatterman among others.


AnimeSols logo


The actual site emphasizes speed and direct functionality for the video streams, with the streams and pledging being limited to the US and Canada at this time. Each title also has a specific goal to reach for the release of DVD box sets and the current list is as follows with the day new episodes for each series are added:




There are also multiple pledge levels unique to each series ranging from $5-$1500 with various rewards included at each level, taking an obvious page from crowdfunding sites. As far as the performance of the streaming titles is concerned, all of the videos I watched performed well and the subtitles are accurate.


In my view, AnimeSols will already appeal to the old-school anime fan that is already a fan of the above series that wants some way to own them legally and is willing to contribute directly to make that happen. It does face a tougher sell with younger anime fans, but with enough time, even they can be convinced that this is a viable alternative for showing support of specific shows.


I wish Sam Pinansky and everyone involved with AnimeSols the best of luck and I personally plan to pledge the maximum ammount for Tekkaman, since that series holds a sentimental place in my heart. I encourage anyone and everyone with an interest in older anime to give the service a chance, because even at this early stage, it looks like it will help older series avoid obscurity and newer series that were ignored a second chance to shine.


AnimeSols official site

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