FEATURE: "GIRLS und PANZER Museum" at Gamers Akihabara Store

Life-size character panels, anime scene panels, and a variety of character goods!

The featured title in the Gamers Akihabara store's special exhibition section on the 6th floor on May 18-26 was one of the most successful original TV anime series in 2012-2013, GIRLS und PANZER. As always, the exhibition titled "GIRLS und PANZER Museum" displayed many materials from the series including a panel of 1/1 size tank and sold wide variety of character goods for the fans.


When I visited the exhibition on Saturday, May 25th, just one day before the final day, it was still crowded with the passionate male fans at least over twenty years of age (I saw no females). It was a bit difficult to take decent photos. On the other hand, a photo-prohibited exhibition for RDG Red Data Girl on the 7th floor which was held at the same time was unfortunately almost empty. It showed great popularity of GIRLS und PANZER among the current Japanese anime fans.


GIRLS und PANZER is available in the following territories: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland,

Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and South Africa.


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the store's permission

Gamers Akihabara Store


The event poster


The entrance of the exhibition



1/1 size tank and characters panels


The voice actresses of the characters wrote their autographs on the panels 


Anime scene panels and displays


Character goods section


Comic and magazines


CDs and DVD/Blu-rays


Clear files


Rubber straps




iPhone 5 cases


Hug pillow covers


"Sensha-dou" T-shirts


Digital camera


Judge pendants


Yukari Akiyama's rucksack


Ichibankuji prizes



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