Feature: "Gargantia" Last Episode Screening Event In Japan

Real time viewing of last episode with Ledo (the voice of, that is) and the director

Bandai Visual hosted Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet last episode screening event on the night of June 30th, Japan time, in sync with the earliest broadcast on TV in Japan at Good Smile Cafe in Akihabara, Japan. In the room of about 30 people, with the voice of Ledo, Ishikawa Kaito, Director, Hirasawa Nao (Production I.G.) and Takaki "Digitarou" Kosaka (Nitro +) watched the last episode and had a 30 minute discussion session before the screening.


WARNING: Although this event was held before the screening of the last episode and does not contain obvious spoilers, if you have not watched it, some information revealed in the discussion session maybe considered as such. Please proceed with caution!



The stage was set up for the guests, complete with life-size standees of Amy and Ledo, Ledo's helmet and Chamber cushions at their seats. When the guests arrived, they all held Chamber cushions while they spoke because they could not sit on it. Photos were permitted in the cafe until the event started.


Before the discussion session began, a deformed Chamber made an appearance and made female fans scream because of its adorable movements. On the left side of the stage, there was a life size Chamber cockpit which people could sit in as in the photo, but it was not opened for the event. Chamber stayed on stage for about 15 minutes entertaining the audience. The best part was when he tried to exit the stage, his enormous head got stuck in the door frame and a staff member had to push him through the door.


Autographs by Ishikawa Kaito and Kanemoto Hisako, the voice of Amy was on display at the cafe.


The discussion session started at 9:30pm and the emcee, a staff member at Bandai Visual invited the guests in, Ishikawa Kaito, the voice of Ledo, Director, Hirasawa Nao (Production I.G.) and Takaki "Digitarou" Kosaka (Nitro +) to the stage. They were amazed at the number of female fans that their show attaracted compared to the audience full of adult males at the first screening of the show before the broadcast.


When asked about the most memorable moments, Ishikawa looked quite embarassed and confessed that it may be the last event for the show, referring to the fastest last episode screening a week ago where he got too emotional on stage and almost cried since Ledo is one of his first major roles in his career. He also added he enjoyed speaking the original language in the early episodes.


Director Hirasawa talked about making deadlines while working on the higher-than-normal number of cuts Gargantia produced. As many as 850 cuts were used for episode 12 and 13 each, while the average 30 minute anime needs about 270. Although it was fun and memorable producing the show, he admitted that he would not miss budgeting and making ends meet with that much quality.


Kosaka remembered when he first heard about Gargantia, he thought it would be great because no Sci-Fi or robot series were happening at the time, but due to the volume of information about the show, he was not sure if it can be finished. Knowing what he knows, Kosaka praised the beautiful work finished by Production I.G.



Close up of Chamber cockpit.


Planned Gargantia merchandise on display. From left, Grace stuffed animal, character rubber coasters, and Chamber iPhone case. Although it was not displayed, Amy's hair pin is in the planning as well.



When asked what to look for in the last episode, Hirasawa proudly mentioned the spectacular mecha action, subtle facial expressions of the characters and explosions. Kosaka asked the audience to see Ledo's emotional development and the relationship of Ledo and Chamber. Ishikawa shared the name of the Grace look-a-like is Rochet and hinted that the bright future is ahead for the little animals.


Ishikawa also took advantage of the fact that he was also in front of Bandai Visual staff and asked for the production of a Ledo figure. Since a Chamber figure is planned, Ishikawa tried to convince them that it should be Ledo's turn next and the emcee helped by sharing how he always got pressured by female fans to make one as well.


Amy deformed figure


DVD vol. 1 will contain OVA episode 14, which will be the past episode centering on Ridget and vol. 2 will contain OVA episode 15, which will be about Kugel's past. Both episodes will have new characters and the new additional voice actresses are Chihara Minori for episode 14 and Horie Yui for episode 15. More details will be shared at the Gargantia Message Museum at Gallery Zingaro in Nakano. Other new information revealed at the event was that Production I.G. will be at Summer Comiket and there will be something from Gargantia available and Nitro+ will have a Gargantia segment at the live concert they will have in September.


Much artwork was also on display at the cafe!

























Gargantia books planned to be released on October 22nd, pre-order is open now till October 2nd.


Chamber 3D Crystal clock prototype, will only be available at Bandai Visual Club.




Have you watched the last episode? Were you able to spot the winning original characters in it, as reported in the previous article? 0res found them all and posted an album.

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