FEATURE: Inside "The Devil Is A Part-Timer" Cafe in Akihabara

A whole cucumber with honey offered as a dessert at the limited time cafe

Right before the last episode run in Japan, Good Smile Cafe in Akihabara hosted The Devil Is A Part-Timer! themed cafe for a limited time. Unfortunately, there was no part-time devil staffed at the cafe, but it offered a lot of the show's artwork on display and the show inspired menu.





Autographed book for episode 5 with voice actors of main characters. On left cover from left, Osaka Ryota (Maou Sadao / Satan Jacob), Hikasa Yoko (Yusa Emi / Emilia Justina), on right cover from top left clockwise, Shimono Hiro (Urushibara Hanzo / Lucifer), Ono Yuuki (Ashiya Shirou / Alcial), Ito Kanae (Kamazuki Suzuno / Crestia Bell) and Toyama Nao (Sasaki Chiho).







Autograph of the original author, Wagahara Satoshi in the center surrounded with the volumes of the light novels that are published.







Unfortunately, the kitchen was already closed when I arrived, but I was able to photograph the menu. From top, Maou Satan's A-class crew hamburger set 880 yen, Katsu Doon 880 yen and Hero Emilia's OL dinner 780 yen (OL stands for Office Lady, a term for a female worker who works in an office in Japan).


From top, Super Size Mi-ra Doon 1200 yen, A whole cucumber with honey 280 yen, bottom row from left, Chi-chan's pancake 680 yen, Hero? Or OL? Parfait 780 yen. The Hero Parfait comes with yogurt ice cream, the OL parfait comes with Cassis ice cream, both inspired by Emi's hair color in either role.



Each food item comes with the table mat at the top and one tin button badge. One coaster comes with a drink order which is not photographed here.

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