Review: "Heroes of Cosplay"

A cosplayer reviews the new show about cosplay

Review by DarlingDaniChan


If you’re hip with the times, you probably tuned into SyFy on Tuesday night to catch the premier of Heroes of Cosplay, the new show documenting and highlighting the more competitive side of the hobby we know and love. The first episode followed six cosplayers as they scrambled to prepare intricate costumes for the Wizard World convention in Portland, Oregon. The show, to me, was a mix between Project Runway and Extreme Couponing – hobby/passion/lifestyle turned into competition with the possibility of a cash prize and a high chance of drama.



If the pressure of completing a costume within a few weeks wasn’t enough for them, these cosplayers are also getting judged by the “ambassador of cosplay” herself – Yaya Han! We see the cosplayers (and most of their significant others) shop for fabric, makeup, and even horns, which are put into costumes that are eventually worn on stage and judged at Wizard World.



Cosplaying is a lot of things, frustrating, fun, expensive, and thanks to Heroes of Cosplay we get to see some of what is infamously known as “COSPLAY DRAMA”. That’s right, drama. Surprise, surprise! Though I’m pretty sure competitions tend to bring out our insecurities as well as egos, this show hits a bit closer to home as it’s the first of its kind (cosplay-wise). We also get to see some convention partying, but I guarantee we’ve all seen 10x more of that on our friends’ Facebook feeds.



Since cosplay is still new to a lot of people, and a lot of what is out there isn’t necessarily positive, Heroes of Cosplay is a chance to show the world what this activity is all about. Will this show do the cosplay community justice? Or will it, as some people are suggesting, give cosplay a bad name? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!




DarlingDaniChan is a first year cosplayer working for Crunchyroll. Catch her at

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