FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Unsinkable Dreamboat Edition

Nope, still not going to call it "Fanart Friday - Hot Guys Edition"

Fanart Friday returns, embarassed at how long it took to come up with this week's title. It's tougher than you think, and I'm still not 100% satisfied with it! Last week, we searched for clues with our favorite detectives, but this week, we're revisiting another old favorite! Total Studmuffin Edition took a look at some of the sexiest (fictional) men in anime, manga, games, and more--so you know exactly what to expect!


Sorry, the dude from Right Said Fred looks like a sex offender. We'll use "I'm Too Sexy" next time.


Brick House Edition and Delightfully Tacky Edition both showed that there's more to sexy (female) characters than just looks (most of the time), and the same goes for the other half (uh... most of the time)! Let's get started!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by Jm-dot

Boy bands aren't as prevalent in the States as they used to be, but they're more of a fixture in Japan--to the point that occasionally, you get an anime about a group of unusually attractive young men skilled at complex dance routines, peppy and upbeat song performances, and making one particular female main character hilariously uncomfortable, like Uta no Prince Sama!



by にゃた

In shoujo manga (and anime), one of the most popular male character types seem to be "the ultra-hot popular guy who's actually quite nice." Kimi ni Todoke certainly plays this trope to a T, but Kazehaya never feels irritating or too perfect.



by ゆきまつ@グッコミ東4あ16b

When I saw this piece, my first thought was "why the hell does Midorima have a gun," and then I realized they were all armed with water guns. Kuroko's Basketball introduces us to a bunch of guys who are all (mostly) okay with hanging out after dramatic basketball games and bitter rivalries, so this picture isn't too far-fetched.



by みく

I'm a firm disbeliever in the whole "women love jerks" thing, but I don't think it extends to fictional jerks like Saiyuki's Genjo Sanzou. People like him because he's a jerk--specifically, one that they don't have to deal with in person.




Hello--Zuko here! Sorry, folks, I just can't get over the fact that Dante Basco played Zuko for Avatar: The Last Airbender The Legend of Aang, even after all these years. I mean, he's Rufio! Aside from that, Zuko started out as a cartoonishly mean villain and evolved into a very likeable and sympathetic character, so it's no wonder he's a much more beloved character. And yeah, that reader last week was right--it's always male Firebenders who get all the fangirls!



by のg

I'm never a hundred percent sure how to pronounce Karneval. Is it like the gritty, now-finished HBO series Carnivale? Or maybe the ludicrously violent arcade game CarnEvil? The Japanese text reads カーニヴァル (kaanivaru), so I'm just gonna say it like plain ol' carnival.



by だるた

THIS CHIPPENDALES DANCING TECHNIQUE HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THROUGH THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY FOR GENERATIONS! This ain't a joke post, no sir--for his mighty muscles and his strength of character, Alex Louis Armstrong has one hell of a well-deserved fan following.



by [email protected]土曜日西れ48b

"Wow, cool! Magi is a shounen adventure series that's based on Middle-Eastern mythology like The Thousand and One Nights, with really cool action and likeable characters and HOLY SHIT SINDBAD, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES BEFORE YOUR RIPPLING MUSCLES SHAVE OFF HALF MY FACE" Has anyone else noticed that the trend seems to be moving away from slim bishounen to very, uh, defined characters?



by すきち@ついった

I kept thinking that this (beautiful) pic of Kane from Bodacious Space Pirates made him look like Griffith from Berserk, but Sarah, who always helps me with Fanart Friday, disagreed. Kane was (after Misa Grandwood) my favorite character, always reppin' dat "awesome older dude" style.



by lag-D

Sorry, Hakuouki fans, this is not the Saitou Hajime I'm used to. Rurouni Kenshin has forever colored my (historically inaccurate) perception of the man as a bloodthirsty ass-kicker. This Saitou isn't quite as scary, although from what I've read regarding the otome game, he'll be kind of a punk toward your character if you choose his route.



by 雪火

Billy (and Armstrong up above) show that it's not always about looks, but about strength of character. In Arakawa Under the Bridge, Billy is definitely one of the coolest, most debonair guys who live under the bridge, even if he's, uh... a bird.



by Piggy Ho Ho

WHY ARE THEY IN A JAR?! So here's an interesting disparity I was thinking of. When guys get a fanservicey series (like, say, Queen's Blade), it's embarassing to watch with other people! I mean, just the scene with the octopus at the start of Queen's Blade: Rebellion and all the--eugh. But with Free!, which is total fangirl bait, you get an actual story about actual characters with dramatic tension, despite the fact that Haruka's totally going to give up his Olympic dreams to become a stripper. I was glad that KyoAni threw its entire creative weight behind the series, too, because it has some jaw-dropping animation, and it was nice to see KyoAni change its look up some.



by キョウ

Monogatari's Araragi falls into the same camp as other bored-seeming heroes like Haruhi's Kyon or Index's Touma--ordinary, cynical guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances--but then he whips off his shirt and the dude is the second coming of Bruce Lee. Jesus, I didn't see that coming--no wonder Kyon keeps his shirt on.



by ぽん

I have a real problem with Blue Exorcist. It's not that I dislike the show, as I actually really love it. No, the real problem is that I keep planning to rewatch it, get up to the third or fourth episode, and then quit. It's like "yep, there goes the priest, I'm good." No idea why.



by みさか

I didn't get far enough into Phi Brain to be introduced to Ana Gram, but people do love them some cross-dressing characters every now and then. Personally, my favorite is in Genshiken due to all the trouble he she causes.



by piyo

Here's a thought: what makes white hair cool? Characters like Kamisama Kiss' Tomoe here (or Sesshoumaru, or Sephiroth, or Kurama's demon form--the list goes on) make it look cool, when most people I see with long white hair are on their way to the organic foods store and telling me I'm contributing to the destruction of the environment by driving an SUV. And yet, in anime, when you see a character with white hair, you immediately know that they're not to be messed with (and probably have a huge fan following).



by ■Nail■

Haru was, without a doubt, my favorite part of My Little Monster, and I hope the show gets another season soon. Yeah, yeah, there's always the manga, but Brains Base really knocked this one out of the park. They seem to be unusually good at shoujo manga adaptations.



by nata

Byakuya's job seemed to be "do one cool thing, curbstomp somebody, and then get your ass kicked" throughout most of Bleach. Plenty of fans had a lot of understandable problems with the Hueco Mundo arc, but I actually loved Byakuya's bit, especially the whole speech he gave about his sister. It was also pretty awesome seeing him come back during the Fullbring Arc! Anyone following the manga think he's gonna have a comeback for the final arc?



by yocioka

Psycho-Pass' tough-guy lead Kougami has been showing up a lot lately on Fanart Friday, and with good reason--the dude's a badass, and if you haven't checked out Psycho-Pass, you should. It brought me back to the days of when I started watching anime. It also helps that Kougami is basically the Spike Spiegel "type," only with better hair.



by コーヒー豆

Taichi, quit standing around in the falling cherry blossom petals trying to score with Chihaya. Get back to the game! And on another note, his mom's whole thing about "only do things you can win at" is complete bullshit. I very rarely get angry at anime, but having dealt with kids who had parents like that, it actually really bothers me, because that kind of mentality messes kids up. It's good that Taichi is (generally) okay in Chihayafuru, and gets along well with Chihaya and Arata.


And that's it for this week! There's no way I could've included everybody--who are your favorite sexy (male) characters?


Like I say every week, your work is always welcome here on Fanart Friday, regardless of your skill level or experience. Just PM me a link to your work, and I'll make sure to include it in a future installment--I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have. To give all of you artists some time to make pieces you're proud of, here are the next three installments of Fanart Friday!


-Next week, on AUGUST 23rd, crack your knuckles, crack your neck, and crack your ass get ready for a MARTIAL ARTS-themed Fanart Friday! I'm going to be focusing on specific styles and practitioners, instead of the more generic "fighting ability" that characters have, and will include "martial sports" like boxing, judo, kendo, and taekwondo! THIS IS THE ONLY THEME I'M TAKING REQUESTS FOR THIS WEEK!

-On AUGUST 30th, we finish up the season with a trip through JAPANESE SUMMER! We'll celebrate with fireworks, yukata, ghost stories and more with your favorite characters!

-On SEPTEMBER 6th, we do one more (season-appropriate) revisit of an older theme, going BACK TO SCHOOL with school-based series and characters! No, I'm not going to drown the whole thing in delinquent titles, much as I'd like to.


Thanks again for coming to check out Fanart Friday--have a great weekend, and we hope you drop by next time!

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