FEATURE: “Itasha G Festa” Brings Anime Cars and Cosplayers Together

Attack on Titan, Love Live!, and Anohana cars featured

“Itasha G Festa” is a crazy otaku event wherein automobiles, scooters, and bikes decorated with anime characters are besieged by car freaks and cosplayers alike. An annual event since 2005, Itasha G Festa is big, outdoors, and incredibly surreal. Why would someone cover their massively expensive sports car with anime girls? Why would real women dress up like anime characters? To attend Itasha G Festa is to wrestle deeply with these questions. 


The most recent Itasha G Festa happened yesterday in Tokyo at Rainbow Town in Odaiba. I’ve culled the best pics taken at the event by Tokyo Walker and brought you two galleries: Cosplayers and Cars! Feast your peepers on both below!





















Source: Tokyo Walker



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