FEATURE: "Danganronpa The Animation" Exhibitions in Osaka Otaroad

Character panels, a replica set, posters, goods, and more!

The final episode of Danganronpa The Animation was aired in Japan on September 26. To celebrate the climax, two exhibitions featuring the 13-episode TV series have been simultaneously holding at Namco Nipponbashi Store and Geestore Osaka Annex in Otaroad, Osaka-city. Otaroad (means "Road of Otaku") is located in the Nippombashi district of Osaka-city, and has been known as Osaka's equivalent of Akihabara, the otaku town for the anime/manga fans in Western Japan. Namco Nipponbashi Store displayed 1/1 size character panels, and Geestore Osaka Annex' main features were a replica set of the class trial and 15 promotional character posters. Both event were admission-free.


* all of the photos were taken by the writer Mikikazu Komatsu with the stores' permission

Namco Nipponbashi Store

The event poster

Geestore Osaka Annex


The event poster


The replica set of the school trial



The character goods and posters section


The 15 promotional posters for the TV anime series


Junko Enoshima


Kyoko Kirigiri


Makoto Naegi


Byakuya Togami


Touko Fukawa


Aoi Asahina


Sakura Ohgami


Kiyotaka Ishimaru


Mondo Ohwada


Chihiro Fujisaki


Leon Kuwata


Yasuhiro Hagakure


Celestia Ludenberg


Sayaka Maizono


Hifumi Yamada








Kintaro-ame Candy


CharaPos collection


Beach ball and folding fans


Stuffed dolls and Graphig papaer crafts


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