FEATURE: "Nostalgic Hero Toy Exhibition" Report 2: Kaiju Figures

Godzilla, Radon, King Ghidorah, Gamera, and more popular kaiju!

The 3rd floor of "Nostalgic Hero Toy Exhibition." which is held by Tokushima Shimbun at Nishisenba Building in Tokushima-city between September 28 and October 27, is dedicated to kaiju figures like Toho's Godzilla, Daiei's Gamera, Tsuburaya Production's Ultra monsters, and many others from popular tokusatsu films and TV series since the Showa Era. The room also has giant statues (about 2m tall) of popular characters by the walls and windows. Can you find your favorite kaiju?


FEATURE: "Nostalgic Hero Toy Exhibition" Report 1: Character Figures


* all of the photos were taken by the writer Mikikazu Komatsu with the event organizer's permission

Godzilla and Daimajin

Dogora, Gorosaurus, Godzilla


Varan, Titanosaurus, Godzilla


Natal (Battle in Outer Space), King Ghidorah, Maguma (Gorath)


Rodan, Gaigan, Jet Jaguar, King Caesar


Mecha Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla II


Jiger and Gamera


Gaos and Girara




Pairans (Warning from Space)


Grandking (Ultraman Story)


Garamon (UltraQ), Pegira (UltlaQ), Redking (Ultraman)



Character Statues

Mazinger Z


Great Mazinger


UFO Robo Grendizer


Kamen Rider#1 & Ultraman Ace


Tiger Mask


Tetsuwan Atom




Giant Robo


Tetsujin 28-go


RX-78 Gundam


MS-06 Zaku II Char Custom


Evangelion Unit 01


Kanegon (Ultra Q) in the entrance



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