FEATURE: "The [email protected] Museum" Hibiki Ganaha's Birthday Edition

Promotional posters, character goods, costumes, games, and more!

As I have reported, The [email protected] Museum, which is located on the second floor of the Namco Osaka Nipponbashi store in Osaka-city, is the must-go place for the fans of the series in Kansai region. It opened in November 2012 and has displayed various The [email protected] goods and promotional materials. It now features Hibiki Ganaha, who is a member of idol unit Project Fairy with Miki Hoshii and Takane Shijou, and recently had her birthday on October 10.


*all of the photos were taken by the writer Mikikazu Komatsu with the store's permission

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Namco Osaka Nipponbashi store


"The [email protected] Cinderella Girls" poster in the entrance


The promotional poster for the August-October campaign featuring Hibiki


Birthday message board for Hibiki


Hibiki character panel


Azusa Miura character panel (displayed in August)


The costume worn by Hibiki's voice actress Manami Numakura at Lisani! Live-3 in January 2013


The costume for Ritsuko Akizuki's VA Naomi Wakabayashi


The costume for Miki Hoshii's VA Akiko Hasegawa (displayed in August)


The costume for Chihaya Kisaragi's VA Asami Imai (displayed in August)


The special advance ticket for the upcoming film with a drama CD


Mogami Shizuka T-shirt and iPhone case


Takane Shijou T-shirt and iPhone case


Yuriko Nanao T-shirt and iPhone case


Serika Hakozaki T-shirt and iPhone case


Special cards for Namco Thanks Festival in September


Mini cushions




iPhone covers


VA's autographs and clear files


Haruka Amami dream set


Chihaya Kisaragi set




Crane games




© Toshiyuki Kubooka


© NBGI/PROJECT [email protected]

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