FEATURE: Do You Drop Anime?

"There are times when I cannot help but feel that enough is enough"

By Marow

Originally posted on Anime Viking


I love anime, I really do. As such, I watch a somewhat large amount of series every new season. They can all vary from awesome to terrible in quality, yet I usually tend to continue watching them no matter what.


But there are times when I cannot help but feel that enough is enough. Why waste time watching something that is clearly not enjoyable, when you can drop it and watch something far better?



However silly this may sound, I have always believed that watching bad anime can be valuable in itself. It allows you to have a better picture of anime as a medium when you know its highs and lows. If you only watch anime that are generally considered to be great, would it not become tiresome after a while? In the same manner, would you not be able to appreciate the great anime a whole lot more if you have seen the bad ones before?


Watching both good and bad anime gives diversity to your viewing habits and takes you out of your comfort zone. It allows you to reflect on why you enjoy certain series while you dislike others. And, who knows, maybe you will end up enjoying an anime that is considered bad?



Because of these reasons I have very few dropped anime. I never pick up an anime expecting it to be bad, but if it turns out to be that I usually stick around with it. Another reason for doing so could be that the anime in question is in some way “important” for the lack of better words. It could be a big title, an interesting concept or something that I think will be talked about in many years to come.


One such example would be Guilty Crown, an anime that nailed the rare “so bad it is good” enjoyment. Guilty Crown was a huge title when it aired in 2011 and I felt it would be fun to see where it would head, no matter how bad it was. It was an anime you just had to experience.


Another example would be Eureka Seven AO, which I felt was worth watching since it was a sequel to Eureka Seven which I love. Now, in this particular case I slightly regret continuing to watch since Eureka Seven AO completely went against the message of its predecessor. But in the end, it still gave me something. It made me fully realize my love for Eureka Seven.



Yet, recently there has been a slight change in my attitude to dropping anime.


This current anime season, fall 2013, I have dropped more anime than I ever have before. There are four titles that I have dropped, which is roughly 1/5th of my total drop count. This surprises me, to be perfectly honest, because I have put up with much worse anime before.


The anime in question are: Galilei Donna, Gingitsune, Valvrave the Liberator 2nd and Kyoukai no Kanata. Not any of these are terrible, with perhaps the only exception being Valvrave 2nd! They were merely in one way or another tiring me out. I did not have any fun when watching them.


I felt there was no point in continuing watching if I saw no redeeming factors, not even if I had seen the previous season as in the case of Valvrave 2nd.


It would only be a waste of time. A waste of my life I could put on better things.


I cannot put my finger on why it all of a sudden feels so much easier to drop anime than before. Is it because I am growing older and have less free time due to studying? Maybe!


No matter what, it has been a wonderful realization and makes me feel free. Yes, I will still watch bad anime from time to time, but I will no longer feel obligated to finish them.


Enough is enough. 




Marow is the creator of the blog Anime Viking where he shares his thoughts about anything related to anime. You can follow him via his Twitter @Marower or Facebook page if you want to talk about anime, games or that cats are the best thing in the world.

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