DIY “Maker Faire Tokyo 2013” Report

Held in Japan from Nov. 3-4

Celebration of DIY “Maker Faire Tokyo 2013” was held at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Tokyo from 3rd to 4th November. Hosted by technology DIY specialty magazine “Make”, the event attracted technology-enthusiasts, crafts- enthusiasts, engineers, hobbyists and artists. This event celebrating its 9th opening has increased exhibits regarding 3D printers since last year. This year, many booths displayed 3D printer utilizing goods besides 3D printer units. Since it is one of the characteristics of this event that many small children take part in workshops, there was even greater number of children in exhibitor as well as customers.

Robot band “Z-MACHINES” playing the guitar and 22 drums at the same time by its altogether 78 fingers



Z-MACHINES is a super robot band with greatest music-performing technique. MACH, high speed robot guitarist playing the double neck guitar by its 70 fingers, and ASHURA, a futuristic drummer playing 22 drums, were presented to the audience together with explanation by developing members and first-come-first performing trials by the audiences.
Two robots are controlled pneumatically. The guitar is played by holding the string by the power of pistons and picking by picks. 22 drums are actually beaten by sticks controlled by air pressure.

Z-MACHINES played by DJ TASAKA -a robot band project by ZIMA-




“Ornithopter Craft center” showed various ornithopters assembled by parts created by 3D printers. The ornithopters were flying endlessly in midair, which caught customer’s eyes.



Tyoukogata Hikoutai Lab



Art aimed at organic designs and movements utilizing Magnetic Fluid used in computer related equipment, AV equipment and medical field by a project derived from NASA’s Apollo Project.




“3D Photo booth”, which creates human’s 3D modeling data was placed in 3D CAD Auto desk booth. Photo data taken by 20 iPod touch and LED lights are converted into 3D model by free application “123D Catch”.



Illumination wheel “ANIPOV” enables plotting of handwritten pictures to bicycle wheels.



Omni-directional wheel “Omni-wheel” mounted robot.


Flight Yoke for flight simulation created by hand-made USB joystick.



3D printed pieces.


Maker Faire Tokyo 2013


Maker Faire Tokyo 2013


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