FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Blackest Friday Edition

Hire some minions and practice your evil laugh--VILLAINS get the spotlight on this week's Fanart Friday!

Fanart Friday returns, recalling that your darkest and most horrible day ever was just Tuesday for us. Or Friday, whatever. Last week, we Triforced as hard as we could with a heaping helping of Legend of Zelda fanart, but this week (on Black Friday of all days), we're reviving an ancient evil! The original Black Friday Edition celebrated villains, and we're looking at a new group of do-badders for this week's installment.


Choices for this week were this, Be Prepared, Friends on the Other Side, and Poisoning Pigeons in the Park


A good villain can really define a story. They can provide challenges and developments to a hero, or even make a great lead themself. The great thing about bad guys is that there are so many different types of them: brainless brutes, weakling geniuses, unchained lunatics, and even the rare villain who gives the hero a run for his or her money in every department. Now, let's get started!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by 桜沢いづみ

Truth be told, I feel kinda bad for Soul Eater's Crona, but the second that they revealed Medusa, you knew she was a bad guy. It's not even a spoiler that the woman's evil, you can totally judge a book by its cover with her.



by tstn

For a cross-dressing devil with lobster claws, the creature known only as HIM is actually one of the more terrifying PowerPuff Girls villains.



by よ@ラオウ

It's a Full Metal Panic villain Christmas! At first, I thought that was Tessa, but nope, it's her brother Leonard all latched-on to Gauron. I've already talked about how Gauron's a total murderous loon, but Leonard isn't all that bad a guy.



by ヨミモ☆

The Millenium Earl (Earl of Millenium?), on the other hand, is. I only saw him a handful of times in D.Gray-Man, but every time he shows up, things go downhill fast and a lot of people die. He's like Pierrot le Fou on steroids and possessed by some eldritch spirit.



by [email protected]

Aside from having a just plain awesome name, TRIGUN badass bad guy Millions Knives is one of the few anime villains I'm straight-up scared of. Anybody who can get a maniac like Legato Bluesummers to bend knee is a really special kind of evil.



by ちゆ

One of the Magi, Judal is... a complex character. He can be scary and ruthless, and he's also a gigantic dickhead, but every time he shows up, there's something very human and very fragile under all the bravado and violence.



by よろづ

Even though this is the '80s Shredder, it's still incredibly badass. Despite the fact that he quickly and brutally dies in both the original comic and the first movie, it's great to see him get treated like a real threat in the last two cartoons.



by DigitalWar

Yes, I know that Dr. Claw looks different, but... well... his official design sucks! This artist's redesign of the usually-faceless Inspector Gadget villain is so much better!



by moyacy

The Red freakin' Comet is the first name I think of when it comes to anime villains. Mobile Suit Gundam's Char Aznable is a driven person who sometimes does irredeemably bad things, but it's all in the name of the greater good. He'll kill a hundred people with his bare hands if it means ten thousand are spared the horrors of war. Is that the right choice? I really don't know.



by 玉英

A Certain Magical Index's Accelerator, on the other hand... I don't know what his problem is. It was honestly kinda nice watching Touma cave his head in at the end of their big fight.



by uzr

As a mythological figure, Hades is a pretty common bad guy, from my favorite Disney villain ever to the Saint Seiya big bad to the guy who made those f**king infuriating blade towers in God of War. Hades is also the key villain in Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is quite a step up from the Eggplant Wizard.




When Kirby villain King Dedede was introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I was glad to see another heavy-hitter join the game. Many times, a villain is a direct opposite of their opponent: Kirby is small and relies on clever use of his powers, while King Dedede is a hulking(ly adorable) brute who relies on his strength.



by ヤマネコ

Usually, fighting game villains are burly-yet-intelligent bruisers like M. Bison, or terrifying conquerors like Shao Khan. Blazblue's Hazama represents a different kind of villain, one who relies on sadism and manipulation, but has the sheer skill to back him up in case push comes to shove.



by 巫梦歌

All named after drinks, Detective Conan's Black Organization have some kind of plan that they're trying to implement, often by removing (read: killing) specific people, sometimes within their own ranks. You'd think that they would do more thorough trials on their experimental super-drugs before actually using them in the field, but nooooo, now you've got a child genius (now two!) on your hands.



by 綠觴

I'm actually not far enough into Gatchaman Crowds to see the terror that androgynous antagonist Berg Katze unleashes, but I'll get around to it soon enough!



by timeom

I mentioned last week that I haven't played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword yet, but one thing I do know about the Wii's last Zelda is that newcomer Ghirahim--not Ganon!--is the main threat. I'm looking forward to digging into this one!



by Moni

Even with what we know from Attack on Titan (also counting what's in the manga), there's enough left unsaid about the Titans that they're less villains, more "horrifying, all-devouring force of nature." That Colossal Titan, though... such a tease. Such a troll. *wallsmash* "PEACE!" *poof*



by 疾速k

While I'm a big fan of the new Vergil from DmC: Devil may Cry (that coat!), it's hard to top the ice-cold original who got his first real spotlight in Devil May Cry 3. While his brother Dante is all style and flash, Vergil controls everything to a fine point, and strikes with speed and accuracy and little wasted movement.



by ゆうずり

Psycho-Pass is one of my favorite recent shows, partially due to its villain Makishima. While his whole motivation can be summed up as a very hipster-ish "wake up, sheeple," Makishima's conviction to his cause and fierce determination make him a very real threat.



by めいや

As much as I try and deny that Kuroko's Basketball is anything like Prince of Tennis, it can get kinda bonkers. Teppei is tall and can change the angle of his shots, and it's called THE RIGHT OF POSTPONEMENT. Tiny, talented little jerk Akashi--captain of the Generation of Miracles--can "see" details of his teammates and opponents, and plan long-term strategy and short-term play tactics, and it's called THE EYE OF THE EMPEROR. I'm still gonna say, until they start blowing up dinosaurs on a basketball court, PoT's always gonna be more nuts.



by AK

There's honorable "evil," like Char Aznable, and then there's straight-up cruel, like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's long-term antagonist Dio Brando. Dio is so evil that he not only beats our hero up in a boxing match in front of all his friends, but he steals JoJo's girlfriend's first kiss, and then he--no, wait, seriously, he's evil! The previous stuff doesn't sound all that bad, but right after all that, he murders JoJo's beloved dog by trapping it in a furnace. Yeah, that escalated quickly. Dio's a special breed of messed-up.



by 刃弥憂

I'm right at the beginning of Medaka Box and I'm really enjoying it, but I'm wondering where it changes from "Sket Dance-alike with Gurren-Lagann monologues" to "actual fighting series with unusual villains like Misogi Kumagawa here."



by [email protected]

I don't know too terribly much about Black Rock Shooter, but it was hard choosing a picture for Dead Master--there's a lot of Black Rock Shooter art, and a lot of it is awesome!



by 烏山暖(うやまのん)

Rob Lucci kind of set the standard for One Piece villains for a little while. Naturally a strong physical threat (anybody who takes on Luffy kinda has to be, with few exceptions), Lucci was also calculating, intelligent, and influential. Lately, of course, he's lost his spot to Blackbeard, Akainu, and especially Doflamingo, at least right now.



by 元吉

Let's end on a lighter note, especially with someone I consider to be the best villain of them all, Doctor Victor von Doom. Armed with Iron Man-level armor, sorcery that would give Dr. Strange a hard time, and an intellect to rival the Marvel Universe's best and brightest, it's a shame that Doom has such an enormous ego. It's really the only thing holding him back from taking over the world, and everybody knows it.



by トモロー01

Oh, so that's what was in that package for Ultraman baddie Baltan... that rock-paper-scissors card game from Kaiji. That's... that's honestly kind of an odd present, Santa Doom, you could've at least given him Phase Ten or something.



by rain1940

You guys are lucky I didn't just swarm this entry with Disney villains. Honestly, I don't think Gaston really qualifies as a full-on villain until The Mob Song plays. There's a big difference between being an arrogant douchebag who's used to getting his way, and someone who whips a crowd up into a frenzy to storm a castle and murder its occupants.


That's it for this week, BUT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF US! There's no way I could have included everybody--who are your favorite villains? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


Like I say every week, your work is always welcome here on Fanart Friday, regardless of your skill level or experience. Just PM me a link to your work, and I'll make sure to include it in a future installment! For those of you putting your art together, here are the next three themes for Fanart Friday:


-Next week, on DECEMBER 6th, we're bundling up, making some hot cocoa, and rolling up some iceballs with a return to WINTER WONDERLAND EDITION! There aren't any real restrictions on this theme, so who do you want to see bundled up and playing in the snow? THIS IS THE ONLY THEME I'M TAKING REQUESTS FOR THIS WEEK!

-Then, on DECEMBER 13th, we're taking a trip through the wide world of SPORTS! It's easy enough finding fanart of baseball or soccer series, but I'm wondering if anyone's ever made a jai alai anime...

-On DECEMBER 20th, deck the halls, put on your Santa hats, and join us for some CHRISTMAS cheer!


Thanks again for coming by to check out Fanart Friday! I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving, and have a safe Black Friday whether you go out shopping or not! Have a great weekend, and I hope you drop by next time!

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