VIDEO: 2013 Cosplay Highlights of the Crunchyroll Ambassadors

Videos by MLZ Studios and OTL productions

2013 proved to be another memorable year for the elite team of super fans known the Crunchyroll Ambassadors, who support our streaming anime site at conventions around the globe, online, in their hometowns, wherever help is needed! Now, a trio of videos highlighting the Crunchyroll Ambassadors' dazzling cosplay of the previous year has been released.


The first two clips were produced by Michael Zhang of MLZ Studios. He adds the following statement:


The two part series showcases Crunchyroll Ambassadors in fantastic costumes and locations. These cosplayers dress up in their favorite costumes from animes that can be found on Crunchyroll. The videos are a compilation of many costumes and many ambassadors over the course of two years and many conventions that Crunchyroll has made a presence at. Please enjoy the videos!





And rounding out the proceedings is a compilation of Crunchyroll Ambassador cosplay by OTL Productions.



Happy new year, and be sure to follow the adventures of the Crunchyroll Ambassadors at their official Tumblr in 2014!

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