Behind the Scenes of "Crunchyroll x Tokyo: Alodia & Victoria's Big Adventure"

New series up on YouTube now

Earlier this week marked the debut of the new CRUNCHYROLL x TOKYO video series, which featured a special report on the recent Anime Japan convention hosted by otaku superstars  Alodia Gosiengfiao and CR's own Victoria Holden.


Now the series has made the move to YouTube where we hope new people will discover and enjoy the show. If you haven't seen episode one of CRUNCHYROLL x TOKYO yet, here's your chance below!



BEHIND THE SCENES by Patrick Macias (series producer)


We went to Anime Japan both days, first on Saturday to scout out locations, and then on Sunday to film. Here’s Vic outside the convention center bright and early on Sat, before being shot out of a cannon inside.


I still can’t believe they let the gals crawl all over the massive live-action Patlabor mech. Also can’t believe that no one was injured or that no lawsuits resulted. A one-in-a-lifetime chance either way!


I ain’t gonna lie: it's tough filming these videos during the crowded, crazy war-like conditions of a Japanese anime convention. But it’s totally worth it when it all comes together, as it did with the Madoka cosplay challenge.


A few pics from my Instagram...


Bee before the day’s shooting on Sunday at Tokyo Big Mac Sight. My idea to spring for Mickey D’s before going in… Maybe not the healthiest choice I know, but you really have to load up before a shoot since you never know when you might get the chance to chow down again.


Alodia is very cool and down to earth in person. People (like me) bug her for her pics all the time out in public, but she is always obliging and professional about it. Here’s a snap of her outside the train station in Jyugaoka during another episode shoot. Not hints about what it might be, though!


There was a lot of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure buzz at the con due in no small part to the Jotaro paper hats that were given away at the Warner Bros. Japan booth. Here’s V. practicing her Stand for the final shoot (not like she needed any practice, but…)


You have to unwind after a busy day in front of -- or behind -- the camera. So after the shoots, we ran around Tokyo acting like goons and doing stuff like playing Evangelion pachinko. You’ll see some of these daring side-missions on CRUNCHYROLL x TOKYO soon, so please stand by for more!







Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He is also the editor of Otaku USA magazine. Check out his rather amazing Tumblr at

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