FEATURE: "Encouragement of Climb" Wrapping Buses Departing Ceremony Photo Report

The original manga creator Shiro also joined the ribbon cutting

Following the success of the first bus started its operation last August, a Tokyo-based bus company Kokusai Kogyo has added two more wrapping buses decorated with the Encouragement of Climb manga/anime characters this spring. The buses are running through Hanno-city and Hidaka-city, Saitama Prefecture, where the story takes place. Unlike the first car which had relatively modest decorations, these two new buses are fully decorated inside out, even the back of the seats. 


The departing ceremony for the new buses was held at Hanno Ginza-touri Shopping Street with the mayor of Hanno-city, Masaru Ohkubo, and the original manga creator, Shiro, on April 29. A Japanese fan named Hauyashi, who is a resident of Hanno-city, has been supporting the city's promotional activities featuring Encouragement of Climb with great passion since December 2012. On the next day of the event, he posted a report with many photos of the buses on his blog, then kindly gave the Crunchyroll

News a permission to reprint the photos for the foreign fans of the series. 



*all of the photos were taken by Hauyashi and reprinted with his permission



Hauyashi's blog "Hauyashi Houkokuki (kari)"


"Encouragement of Climb rapping buses departing ceremony report" (April 30)



The ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor, chairperson of the city council, prefectural assembly members



The mayor of Hanno-city



The original manga creator, Shiro




Wrapping bus No.2

 (featuring the manga version characters)




Wrapping bus No.3

 (featuring the anime version characters)



"Encouragement of Climb/Yama no Susume" © Shiro/Earth Star Entertainment


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