FEATURE: Anime-Planet Recommends... Introductory Edition!

Gamers galore, Titans in space and Sasuke's dilemma

A while back, Crunchyroll announced a special partnership with Anime-Planet.com, and excitement abounded! Now, to continue the fun, Kim from Anime-Planet is launching a new series of original Crunchyroll News articles to help keep you informed of the latest trends, and the most popular characters in anime. Enjoy below!


Hi everyone, Kim here, creator and benevolent overlord of Anime-Planet.com, a recommendation database and list management site for you fellow otaku out there. I’m happy to introduce the "Anime-Planet Recommends…" column, where each week I’ll give a quick summary of what’s trending on the site to give you ideas on what to watch next. Each story will potentially include recent anime and manga recommendations, popular anime, and most loved and hated characters of the week.

So let's get right to it, shall we?

Top recommendations


No Game No Life has been one of the most popular series the past few weeks on Anime-Planet, both for recommendations and for loved/hated characters.

No Game No Life


The community thinks you'd love NGNL if you like:


Problem Children

Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?

User shikikywketsuki writes,

"In both anime the main characters travels to a different fantasy world after receiving a weird message, and when entering this world they have to play a number of games in order to achieve goals or win prizes."

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

User Febrianne notes that the two have a similar gaming experience but from very different points of view, with the characters in SAO being stuck in a game, while the characters of NGNL have to determine if they want to go back at all.


Log Horizon

Log Horizon

DarkMagicianGirl calls out the game aspects, as well as the character similarity:

"In both anime the main chars are amazing, clever, smart and really good strategists."

Next up, if you haven't gotten your Titan fix on Crunchyroll yet, you're seriously missing out. (sincerely, Kim, the most over-the-top Attack on Titan fangirl ever <3)


Attack on Titan 2


If you enjoyed the series, you won't want to miss Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia), an anime adaptation of an ongoing manga by Tsutomu Nihei (Blame, Biomega). While a different setting, it screams Titan on many levels. 


Sidonia no Kishi


Taekwondoin states, "Both shows are set in a dystopian world with an ancient threat lurking at the fringes of mankind, and both shows have technology that has progressed in such a way to deal with this threat, mecha in Sidonia, and the three-dimensional manouver device in AoT."

Popular anime this week


No Game No Life grabbed the top spot on this week’s most popular anime on Anime-Planet, as well (a stat we calculate based on how many list updates occur).


Joining it at the top were:

One Piece

One Piece



Popular loved and hated characters this week

On the characters front, hikikomori siblings Shiro and Sora from No Game No Life swept up the ratings on the top loved characters list.

Shiro and Sora

Followed by Mako and Ryuuko of last season’s colorful blockbuster Kill la Kill

Mako and Ryuuko

Titan-slayer and resident badass Mikasa



And other standard favorites like L and Light from Death Note, Edward from FMA, and more.

Ragyo and her loyal subject Nui from Kill la Kill dominated this week’s top hated characters list.


Ragyo and Nui

Miyuki Shiba

The rest of the top list was dominated by plenty of ‘favorites’, such as Nobuyuki Sugou from SAO

Nobuyuki Sugou

Nina Einstein from Code Geass

Nina Einstein

One of my personal most reviled characters, that lovable Makoto Itou from School Days

Nice Boat


And plenty of the Naruto cast, including Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Sakura.


Speaking of Sasukethis vengeful ninja can’t seem to get a break. Ever since we launched the ability to mark characters as loved or hated years ago, he’s been #1 on the most hated list - no one’s come close to his unfortunate place on the charts! 

To help level the playing field, we’re giving Sasuke his own section from week to week in this column… a special place we'd like to call...

Sasuke's Corner

In this week’s edition, poor Sasuke can’t help but wonder if he’ll find someone to be friends with, or if he’ll stay forever alone...


That's it for this week's introductory edition of "Anime-Planet Recommends..."! I hope to see you back next week, feel free to say hello on my Crunchyroll profile, and don't forget to give poor Sasuke the love he badly needs in the comments! ;)



Kim Cameron is the CEO and founder of Anime-Planet, a Crunchyroll partner and the world’s oldest anime and manga recommendation database site. Follow her on Twitter at @AnimePlanet or on Facebook.

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