FEATURE: Anime-Planet Recommends... Miscellaneous Edition

This week's recommendations span old school fantasy titles, anime meant for manly men, sci fi movies, and more!


After a week away, we're back with another edition of "Anime-Planet Recommends..."




Today, we'll go over recommendations you've made over the past two weeks on Anime-Planet, spanning many genres: old school fantasy, manly gar, sci fi, and more!


Recent recommendations for Spring 2014 anime


You haven't been making many Spring recommendations the last few weeks (besides usual combos we've covered recently, like the No Game No Life <--> Problem Children pairing), so this section is thinner than usual this time around! If you think of any good additions to the roster, make sure to add them on the site and we'll showcase them here. ^__^


If you've been enjoying this season's One Week Friends, you might enjoy Usagi Drop or Say "I Love You".


Usagi Drop


For the Usagi Drop pairing, CommanderKarasu writes:


"The relationships are a bit different - parental figure and a young child in Usagi Drop, normal teenage boy and a girl with a special condition in Isshuukan Friends - but both shows excel in one major aspect - the growth, development, and feelings of a small cast of characters. Relationships are a complicated thing, especially when they're just beginning, and boths shows deal with that idea wonderfully. They're light and fluffy in both animation and atmosphere, very fullfilling, and overall just heartwarming. Both shows are an easy, relaxing watch and fans of one will most certainly want to check out the other."

Say I Love You

And when it comes to Say "I Love You", snivets thinks you'd enjoy it because:


"Isshuukan friends and Suki-tte Iinayo both tell gentle stories of a boy who helps a girl overcome her shyness around other people. If you like a cute story about a developing relationship, full of soft emotion, check both of these out!"

On the opposite of the spectrum from cute and flowery, how about this season's gar-centric JoJo's Bizarre Adventures? If you love the bulging muscles and overall manly vibe, you might appreciate Toriko





Fargo describes:


"Both of these shows are the manliest animes you can come across. Whether you're watching Jojo or Toriko, you can enjoy seeing a group of manly men fighting crazy battles and coming across bizarre enemies and obstacles that culminate in awesome, ham-filled adventures that'll get the testosterone pumping."


Recent recommendations for other anime

If you liked Girls und Panzer or Arpeggio of Blue Steel, you might enjoy the other according to one Anime-Planet user.


Girls und Panzer

Arpeggio of Blue Steel


USSEnterprise writes: 


"These two have a slight military feel that, reminded me of the Second World War, with Girls und Panzer having Tanks and Arpeggio of Blue Steel Naval ships from that era. Cute girls and tanks, cute girls and Warships. What is there not to like."

If you liked To Aru Majutsu no Index or Strike the Blood, you just might like the other


To Aru Majutsu no Index

Strike the Blood


Several people recommended this pairing over the last week, including Aggelos who writes:


"Both anime revolve around common themes (magic/religion in a "special city for the gifted" where the main character is somewhat extraordinary). They both unfold through various subplots, however, STB leans more towards the plain harem aspect, where TAMNI is all about the adventure."

Fans of either Origin: Spirits of the Past or Sakasama no Patema might enjoy the other.

Origin: Spirits of the Past

Sakasama no Patema


yakuzakitty explains:


"Both follow a boy and a girl from different walks of life in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy film about discovery and friendship. Very similar both in its visuals and general tone."

In the mood for slice of life? If you liked Non Non Biyori or Acchi Kocchi, you might like the other.


Non Non Biyori

Acchi Kocchi


randomredneck writes:


"Both shows are hilarious as all get out. Both are entertaining slice of life deals. And both have characters so adorable, you'll be reaching for insulin before it's over. You liked one, you'll like the other."

Finally, did you like either Nobunaga the Fool or Escaflowne? You just might like the other.


Nobunaga the Fool



ZetsubouKaiji explains:


"If you're tired of mecha titles with present day or futuristic then try Escaflowne or Nobunaga the Fool. Both titles mix science with magic in a fantasy setting. The typical swords and melee combat of high fantasy are traded in for earth shaking mech combat. Both of these shows are genre mashups that take familiar tropes and put them in a new setting. 

Both of these shows play fast and lose with real history to create an alternate world where magic is real and has been mixed with science to create interesting new technology that gives both shows an interesting visual style.

In Escaflowne's case there actually is an alternate world to our own, but other than the person in a strange world aspect these shows are very similar and if you enjoyed one then you should check out the other."

What do *you* recommend?


As a reminder, recommendations mentioned in each of these columns are based on the weekly suggestions anime fans like you add on Anime-Planet. If you agree with any of these pairings, or if you have additional ideas on pairs that are similar and that others would like, add them on the site, and you'll have a big chance of seeing your name in lights in this column!


One Piece 


See you next time!



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