FEATURE: Anime-Planet Recommends... Classic and Creepy Edition

Another recommendation round-up featuring classic sci fi titles, schoolgirl comedies and more!

Another week, another edition of "Anime-Planet Recommends..."!


Lucky Star


While Konata and the gang aren't a part of this week's lineup, we've got plenty of other anime to share, all of which were recommended by you on Anime-Planet.  


Recent recommendations for Spring 2014 anime


Did you love Blue Exorcist? You just might like Soul Eater Not!


Blue Exorcist

Soul Eater Not


snivets states:


"Blue Exorcist and Soul Eater Not! share a great "supernatural school life" atmosphere. They're full of interesting characters learning how to use their powers & getting into extracurriculur shenanigans, some serious and some comical! I definitely think fans of either show would enjoy the other."


How about schoolgirl comedies? If you liked either K-On! or Is The Order a Rabbit? you might like the other.



Is the Order a Rabbit?


CommanderKarasu describes:


"Both K-On and Gochuumon center around a group of energetic, cute, and often very ditzy school girls. Each episode is filled with fluff, silliness, and so much moe that you'll most likely be rendered unconscious. K-On is more about music-related adventures while Gochuumon has a lot to do with cafes, but fans of the 'cute girls doing cute things' genre will most likely enjoy both titles."



Recent recommendations for other anime


If you appreciated the hard sci fi classic Wings of Honneamise, you might appreciate Ghibli's newest work, The Wind Rises.


Wings of Honneamise

The Wind Rises


Sianeka writes:


"A boy has a dream. A dream of flying. Both Wings of Honneamise and The Wind Rises feature the story of a main character who dreams of flight.  Each of these stories follows the path each takes to follow his dream. While Honneamise is a bit more focused on the daily life of the protagonist, Wind Rises has a bit more depth and meaning. Wind also features premium high quality Studio Ghibli animation.

If you enjoyed watching Shiro Lhadatt become the first Space Force astronaut to launch, I think you'll very much enjoy watching Jiro Horikoshi build his dream aircraft."

Speaking of classics, if you're into delinquents trying to better themselves, you might enjoy either Salaryman Kintaro or Great Teacher Onizuka!


Salaryman Kintaro



TheQi2B explains:


"If you liked one the main character in one of these anime chances are you will like the other. Both are ex biker gansters now trying more normal careers. Their pasts both keep popping up in their present states. 

Both are good comedies; while the laughs in onizuka tend to arise out of his stupid actions the laughs in Kintaro tend to come from subtler confrontations. Both are great anime, so if you haven't seen either you should get on that today!"


In the mood for a good sports title? You might enjoy Whistle! or Ace of the Diamond if you liked the other.



Ace of the Diamond


AkumaSama writes:


"Whistle's main character, Shou, and Ace of the Diamond's main character Eijun share the same love and passion towards the sport  they love. Shou and Eijun can bring the team together with their fighting spirit and determination of never giving up. Although Whistle is about soccer and Ace of the Diamond about baseball, both have the same energy and setting of "for the team" feeling.  If you watch Whistle you should definetly watch Ace of the Diamond and vice versa because both shows will make you feel the passion each character has throuout the series."

Seen either Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai or Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions? You might enjoy the other.





AngelBeatsYui describes:


"Both are about a male who used to be into a delusional world, now he tries to live a 'normal' life in a way. Before he meets a not-so-normal girl which then expands into a whole group of these characters. The main storyline is just about the same and both focus on the development of love between the main two characters. So in conclusion if you like Aura then you would like Chuunibyou and the other way round."


Finally, if you enjoyed either Hal or Time of Eve, you might appreciate the other.



Time of Eve


snivets writes:


"Hal and Eve no Jikan both explore the emotional bonds between humans and adroids. Both contain beautiful animation and a similar delicate emotional atmosphere. If you liked one, the other will definitely give you more food for thought."



What do *you* recommend?


As a reminder, recommendations mentioned in each of these columns are based on the weekly suggestions anime fans like you add on Anime-Planet. If you agree with any of these pairings, or if you have additional ideas on pairs that are similar and that others would like, add them on the site, and you'll have a big chance of seeing your name in lights in this column!


Fairy Tail



Creepy Corner


To finish out the column, I'd like to a few creepy bits, first off the top of this article. When deciding which small avatar to use for the column, I of course had to go with Onizuka making his weirdo distorted face for maximum humor value. What I didn't anticipate is how creepy of a lurker he'd turn into when placed next to Konata and the gang:


Creepy 2


This amused me to no end and I sent over a screenshot to Fanart Friday writer Nate Ming, who had a simple and relevant reply:




In case you aren't familiar with the Hentai Woody meme, please immediately head over to Nate's 2012 writeup of this terrifying-as-hell action figure to help lighten your day.


And finally, to round out Creepy Corner, today while watching Whistle! I managed to find Moe Titan's dopplegangar @[email protected]


Moe Titan


Masato Takai: Moe Titan's brotha from anotha motha? You be the judge. 


Until next week!



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