FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Even More Fun in the Sun Edition

Get your sunscreen and ring in the summer season with this week's installment!

Fanart Friday returns, with a friendly reminder that you can really like things I dislike and vice-versa, it's okay. Besides, whatever disappointment I felt watching K-ON! was put to rest when Kids on the Slope came out. ANYWAYS! Last week, we took a trip through Kyoto Animation's small but impressive library, but this week we're revisiting an old favorite--SUMMER with your favorite characters!


The awful truth is that if I keep doing summer installments, I'm eventually gonna have to use LFO's "Summer Girls"


There's a lot of emotions tied to summer--the excitement and anticipation of going to the beach, feeling relaxed in the heat, confusion as the sun goes down at like 9pm no matter how long I've lived here. Let's get started!


DISCLAIMER:  None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll.  All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners.  All art is the creative property of their respective artists.  Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact me, and appropriate action will be immediately taken.



by うらび

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a series that covers every season and gets the feeling right, but the (in)famous Endless Eight arc really pushes that feeling of "I wish this summer would never end" into hilarious overdrive.



by h0saki

Oh, c'mon guys, at least give it to Nonon! She won't get it on the first try! This is just one of a few great Kill la Kill beach pics by this artist!



by 十波

Reader seiyuunut has been asking for City Hunter art pretty regularly, but for some reason I never actually got around to it until now. Sorry 'bout that! Thing is, City Hunter is a series that really reminds me of summer--specifically, high school summers in Hawaii hunting for City Hunter manga among Shirokiya's ridiculously disorganized shelves. You have no idea how happy I was when ADV started bringing over the movies and OAVs.



by ひのた

Baseball is naturally a big deal in Japan as the season picks up in summer, and baseball anime and manga like Ace of the Diamond capture every moment of soaring victory and crushing heartache. Y'ever notice how baseball titles tend to have the main characters lose about as often as they win? I kinda like that--it shows that teamwork and the "family" of the team are more important than victory.



by けいたいでんわ

Many of you know what When They Cry/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is like, but I think this picture captures a lot of what the series appears to be. It really is a good, unexpectedly dark series with an appropriately summery feel.



by Schrodingers-Kat READER SUBMISSION!

So you remember that thing that happened to Hinamori during the Aizen fight near what should have been the end of Bleach? Ten bucks says that Hitsugaya wasn't hypnotized. He was getting his revenge.



by cartoongirl7

It's not difficult finding Ouran High School Host Club fanart... at least, fanart of the twins. Getting the whole group? Getting anyone other than the twins or Haruhi? Much more difficult.




Hey, why are you at the beach when you've got deadlines? Do they even have this much free time on The Comic Artist and his Assistants? DO THEY EVER LEAVE THE OFFICE?!



by シロクマ

The closest thing Attack on Titan's walled city-state has to a beach is the riverside (and maybe a small lake or two?), but checking out a meteor shower also makes for a good summer excursion!



by ほえ

Y'know, it's kinda funny how it's easier to find fanart of Persona 3's Yukari female main character (the cute everygirl type) at the beach than it is to find sexy ice queen Mitsuru. GET IT YOU GUYS "ICE QUEEN" sorry, I'll see myself out.



by KL

Also, in Persona 4 news (as we can't leave them out)--dude, Teddy, where the hell did you get those? One of those isn't Naoto's, is it? 'Cause she'll kill your ass.




Basketball isn't exactly a summer sport, but part of me wonders what other sports Kuroko's Basketball deuteragonist Kagami would be good at.



by suppu

Sorry, reader from last week--I know you specifically asked for a surfing Pikachu, but this was just too darn cute to pass up.



by しんぞう

At the rate I'm using Free! fanart, I'm eventually gonna run out of pictures of them in the pool (or just submerged in general), so here's some art of them being sedentary instead!



by MCH*SCC1日目あ93b

Y'know what the best way to watch Summer Wars is? On a hot day, windows open, fan on, watching it on Blu-ray and hydrating with Otter Pops. Try it sometime! On a side note, I really miss Creamsicles.



by pemu

Summer's a good time to take on that project you've been putting off because of school, and the long days and plenty of free time work wonders on creativity. On that note, Ano Natsu de Matteru was such a relaxing, refreshing show.




For all the myriad technological advances available in Gintama's Edo, the gang still has to take on the summer heat the old-fashioned way. Also, kudos to the artist for the super-accurate Shinpachi pic.



by ひな公

For this installment, I didn't go quite as heavy on the yukata-and-festival type art, but much like Tenchi Muyo, it's something nostalgic that's always welcome to me.



by じじいん

Anohana's one of those titles I keep hearing about, but haven't watched, and apparently it's like taking an emotional beatdown from a proverbial Mike Tyson made entirely out of feelings. Am I close with that description?




This is the Summer of Sailor Moon, so of course the greatest magical girls of all time will make an appearance! Y'know what's funny? Sailor Moon is about busty, leggy teens in nonexistent skirts, and yet it never feels skeezy to me at all. Funny, huh?



by もす

So what is it about summer that you love? The perpetual heat, the haze of warmth and comfort that seems to permeate shows like Natsume Yujin-cho, even in those times when it's distinctly not summer in the series?



by ぁぁぁぁ

Or is it the constant feeling of freedom and play and total absence of responsibility, which is the feeling I get watching Squid Girl?



by にたこ

For me, though, summer's the time to make regular trips to the theater and enjoy a good, rollicking action movie, even though these guys look like they're getting ready for a barbecue (you can totally watch action movies while you eat barbecue). I think what I like most is that if The Expendables was a manga, it'd be a seinen series drawn almost exactly like this.


And that's everything for this week! Summer's kind of a broad theme, so let's go for something a little different: what's your summer place? Maybe a place you or your family visited for the season, or a place you and your friends always hung out at? Sound off in the comments!


Like I say every week, your work is always welcome here, regardless of your skill level or experience. Want your work to be featured on Fanart Friday? Just PM me a link to your work, and I'll be sure to include it in a future installment! Here are the next three upcoming themes:


-Next week, on JUNE 27th, it's back to the voice actor list with TOMOKAZU SEKI! He's played a lot of great main characters over the years, along with plenty of supporting roles--who's your pick for next week? THIS IS THE ONLY THEME I'M TAKING REQUESTS FOR THIS WEEK!

-Then, on JULY 4th, we're celebrating Independence Day with REVOLUTIONARIES! Join the resistance and stick it to the man!

-On JULY 11th, we're handling another request--this time, CR user pinkydo77's request for SAD and DEPRESSING and SOUL-CRUSHING anime, manga, and games! ... that's... yeah. This is gonna be interesting.


Thanks again for coming by to check out Fanart Friday! Have a great weekend, and I hope you drop by next week! Still in the mood for summer-themed fanart? Check out the original Fun in the Sun Edition, or celebrate Japanese summer with Summer, Summer, Summertime Edition!

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