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The work week is over and the time for anime is nigh - it's time for another edition of "Anime-Planet Recommends..."!




Summer has arrived, and it's the perfect time to enjoy the sun, have a BBQ, and most importantly... eat some watermelon!


Watermelon 1


Watermelon 2


Watermelon 4


Watermelon 3


We've also just started the new anime season, so you're probably deciding which titles you should watch. Early season is a great time to check Anime-Planet's recommendations, as people tend to add initial impression recs early on (and update them as time goes on, if things change). So put down the watermelon and let's get right to it with some summer suggestions!

Did you enjoy Psycho Pass? If so, maybe you'd appreciate this season's gritty Tokyo Ghoul.


Psycho Pass

Tokyo Ghoul


Bradalee writes:


"Tonally dark, a splash of violence and gore, OST's that compliment the show perfectly, morally grey characters and a more mature story telling style than other shows in the genre - These are just some of the similarities that make this an easy recommendation to make straight off the bat."

How about something slower? Barakamon  might be a good choice if you enjoyed such series as Usagi Drop or Silver Spoon




Let's start with the Usagi Drop pairing. 


Usagi Drop


Bradalee is back with this recommendation - he explains:


"A grown man finds himself unexpectedly in the constant company of a cute young girl who makes his life both more fun, and more hectic, as well as instigating moments of genuine introspection about his life. The interactions between these two central character in each show is top notch, with Usagi Drop perhaps being more dramatic and serious in tone to the more comedic nature of Barakamons couple, but the pairings definitely overlap in all areas plenty of the time. 


If you're looking for a sickeningly cute or funny show, or one which deals with child/adult relationships then you could do a lot, lot worse than give either of these shows a whirl."

And for Silver Spoon,


Silver Spoon


"Each of these series kick off by introducing the viewer to a main character who has moved into a rural, and alien area from the big city after a crisis of confidence in his life. The story then follows him as he adapts to his new surroundings, a different pace of life and a quirky group of people who keep him on his toes while he searches for himself.


Both series are a fairly relaxing watch, with lots of really fun character interactions and well placed humour that ranges from smirk inducing to full on laugh out loud. If you enjoyed one of these shows for either of those reasons, then the other may well be right up your alley."

How about some idol action? kremlin thinks Locodol will likely be a great pairing with Wake Up Girls! and The [email protected].




kremlin thinks both sets of pairs are solid for the same reason:


"Only 2 episodes in for Locodol but i think i'll be safe making this recommendation - Both titles bring us a close and personal view of the world of struggling regional idols, their failures, successors, and growth - both as individuals and as performers."

Wake Up Girls

The Idolmaster

Games and bishies? This season's DRAMAtical Murder, and the older Togainu no Chi, might be a good pairing.


Dramatical Murder

Togainu no Chi


Both kimmyrawr and PurpleCatAngel think the two are a good pairing due to the shounen-ai content, similar pacing, and similar plot (a man who gets involved in a high stakes game).


Next up, if you liked last season's Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, you might enjoy Summer's Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. 





Bradalee once more explains:


"The leading male in both shows is a young mangaka who gets his many assistants involved in helping him with his work. Manaka-san to Assistant-san to is considerably more ecchi, while Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun tends to focus on the romance side of the genre spectrum. However, both are packed with decent comedy and likable characters to make for a fun watch."

Are you still watching Yamishibai this season? If so, several people think you'd like Toshi Densetsu Monogatari Hikiko.





Kari5 recommends the pair because:


"If you like creepy horror, but nothing too scary, I'd also recommend this OVA. Neither is very good, and the animation is odd, but they both tell creepy Japanese urban legends."

She also suggests Kaidan Restaurant as a similar option:

Kaidan Restaurant

"Both of these are episodic horror stories and although neither are particularly scary, they can sometimes be creepy. Kaidan Restaurant, although less spooky, is the better of the two titles."

Finally, Nagi no Asukara has graced this column a few times, and it's here again today alongside Glasslip.

Nagi no Asukara


One user writes:

"Following hot on the heels of Nagi no Asukara, P.A. Works have wasted no time in pumping out another dramatic romance show that follows their tried and tested approach to character designs, personalities, love polygons and mysterious male protagonists. Hell, they're both even set in a port town!


Nagi no Asukara immediately seems like the more competent of the two shows, with Glasslip faltering in terms of direction, but the similarities are nonetheless striking. "

Obviously there's many other Summer titles not listed above, which segues perfectly into the usual reminder: make sure to add your recommendations on Anime-Planet each week, so we can feature them here in the column! We'd love to see your ideas on other summer titles - the sky's the limit.


Enjoy the week, and see you next time!


Fairy Tail



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