FEATURE: Anime-Planet Recommends... Blue Steel Edition

New recommendations this week from Anime-Planet, covering manly men, lighthearted romances and more.

Welcome back to another edition of "Anime-Planet Recommends...", where we showcase some of the recommendations you have made last week on Anime-Planet. I got a distinct blue steel vibe from several of the shots (I'm looking at you, Lelouch and several others!) so this article is officially dedicated to Zoolander.


Shall we begin?




Are mecha and warring countries your cup of tea? You might enjoy Code Geass or this season's Aldnoah Zero.


Code Geass

Aldnoah Zero


KawaiiOtaku thinks you'd like these because:


"Both are centered around the conflict of two races, the Terrans/Elevens and the Martians/Britannians. Both anime have Mechs, with the Martians/Britannians having more specialised mechs and the Terrans/Elevens having regular millitary mechs.

The MCs are both highschool students who are calm, collected and think rationally instead of emotionally. Slaine and Suzaku share the same similarities as they are on the enemy's side even though their originis are that of the opposite side."


In the mood for some tree trunk necks manly man action? Look no further than Gifuu Dodo or Fist of the North Star.


Gifu Dodo

Fist of the North Star


LadyPsychic explains:


"Both anime reek of testosterone and involve manly men doing manly things.  Also, the character designs of both series are similar.  While they have different plots and different settings, I think those who like one may like the other."

This season's Terror of Resonance has been compared with a few series this week, Death Note and Monster.

Zankyou no Terror

First up, Monster.




EdTheRadical thinks you might like the pair because:


"Both Zankyou no Terror and Monster feature child genious criminals intent on destruction. The crimes are potentially a reflection of these criminals pasts. Both have very interesting crime fiction plots, which you are sure to enjoy."

And for Death Note

Death Note

Porphyreus says:


"Death Note and Terror of Resonance share a similar feel of cat-and-mouse suspense, keeping a realistic tone through the animation, even if Death Note uses a lot of supernatural features. They're both shows with charismatic characters from both sides, "the good" and "the bad" with very different opinions trying to surpass each other to achieve their goals."

For something lighter, you might enjoy either You and Me or Wandering Son if you liked the other.

Kimi to Boku

Wandering Son

thatotakugirl explains:


"Both Hourou Musuko and Kimi to Boku are gentle, slice of life animes with soft, watercolor pallettes and music. Both have drama related to the romance of the characters, and unrequieted love, Kimi to Boku's being heterosexual while Hourou Musuko deals with LGBT."

Feathered fowl fans will surely enjoy True Tears and Glasslip... ok, maybe not just for the chickens ;)


True Tears



Fireaxe writes:



On a more slightly serious note, True Tears and Glasslip are both mainly about teen romance and love polygons. That in itself might not be anything special, but each individual mini-stories told feels genuinely believable thanks to the great character writing in both series.


On top of that, True Tears and Glasslip also share some of their creative staff (director Junji Nishimura and the prolific animation studio P.A. Works). And trust me, it shows. If you feel you're in the target audience for these types of series, make sure you watch both of them. They're so similar you could almost say that one is just more of the other."


For a fantasy fix, you might like Black Blood Brothers or Chrono Crusade.


Black Blood Brothers

Chrono Crusade


CrazyBeverly96 thinks you'd like these because:


"These are both fantastic fantasy series. The leads are pretty similar to each other. Both stories are centered around a the leads fighting a group of enemies that have a connection with the male lead's past."

We'll end things off with a few fan favorites that seem to get recommended every week for awhile on Anime-Planet by at least one person - we've mentioned these here before, but might as well bring them up again!

If you liked either Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? or No Game No Life, you are probably going to like the other.

Problem Children

No Game No Life

This past week, zetazach recommended the pair because:


"Both anime are about young adults who are thrown into a world where everything is decided with games. Also, both anime force the protagonists to side with the underdog and and assist them with reclaiming their pride."

And how about Attack on Titan and Titan in Space Sidonia no Kishi? Once again a popular pairing this past week.

Attack on Titan

Sidonia no Kishi

snivets describes:


"Sidonia no Kishi and Attack on Titan both had me on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out if the characters will survive or not. If you like a show where the human race is threatened with extinction by big, bad non-human creatures, then both of these will be right up your alley. Liked one? Be sure to check out the other!"

That's it for this week! As always, add your recommendations on Anime-Planet each week for a chance to be featured in this column. Enjoy your weekend and see you next time!



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