MTV81 INTERVIEW: May’n Connects the Dots at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2014

"I’m happy to make my dreams come true."

MTV81 INTERVIEW: May’n Connects the Dots at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2014

By: Megumi Inaba 

Originally presented at MTV81


Photo: Dave Golden (c) J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 


Did you know that there are 47 prefectures in Japan? And did you know that ani-song and pop star May’n’s recent tour covers ALL 47?


She’ll also be making stops in five countries in Asia so if you’re lucky, you might catch her live in concert. We catch up with the singer and self-proclaimed foodie before her recent gig at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL in San Francisco to talk about her 10th anniversary, new beginnings and of course, food!

So you’re now on your second world tour, and you flew into San Francisco from L.A. – how do you like the city so far?


This is my second time in San Francisco, but this is my first time joining J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL. I am fascinated to see so many people in San Francisco enjoy Japanese culture and music.

You’re right, it’s great to see! So, your world tour is called “Road to 10thAnniversary- dots and lines.” What do the “dots and lines” mean?


In the past 10 years, I have done a lot of live performances in and out of the country, which I describe as “dots,” and I wanted to connect those dots to create a “line” that represents my musical history. And of course there isn’t just one “line,” I’d like to create more in the coming years.

Awesome. So your tour covers all 47 prefectures in Japan and five countries in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, U.S., South Korea and China). That’s a big deal!


I’ve done lots of tours in the past, both domestic and international, but I’ve never had a tour that stops at all 47 prefectures in Japan, and that’s always been my dream. I’ve also always wanted to combine a Japan tour with an international one, and here I am! I’m happy to make my dreams come true.

Congrats! What can international fans expect from a May’n gig?


In the past, I used to differentiate my shows in Japan and abroad, in order to better entertain international fans. But recently I came to realize that my international fans are no different from my Japanese ones. So for this tour, I’m going to bring the same tour program everywhere I go – I want everyone to enjoy the same entertainment everywhere I go.

We know you love food, so any new food discoveries on your travels?


Hmm… I’ve obviously discovered a lot of great food everywhere I go! Yesterday I went to Fisherman’s Wharf in downtown San Francisco, and had some great seafood. I just loved the mussels! San Francisco is a great city, it’s not only beautiful, but they also have great cuisine. The weather is good too, and it feels amazing to perform under the sun. I also have to mention a Taiwanese dessert I love called Tan Yuen. You should definitely try it if you ever have a chance to visit Taiwan.

You don’t look like eat a lot, how do you maintain your figure?


I love to eat! When I go on tour, I just can’t stop myself from trying the local food. I regularly work out at a gym, but the sad thing is that I’m taking in more calories than I burn… But what’s more sad is that my tour team always accompany me to restaurants and eat just as much, but they don’t have any stages to burn their calories on! I feel so sorry for them!

So you’ll be performing at Slim’s tomorrow night, a historical live house in San Francisco. What kind of show will it be?


I’m honored to perform at such an established venue, so want to make it something very special. I would like to enjoy performing as much as my fans enjoy my music.


Photo: Tomoka Mizobuchi (c) J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 
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