13 ASSASSINS opens in the USA

Takashi Miike's latest to be unsheathed on April 29th.


It’s been a while since a rowdy, blood-soaked Samurai movie came roaring at full speed into the movie palaces of America. But the sword-swinging arrival of agent-provocateur director Takashi Miike’s 13 ASSASSINS is about to change all that.


A big-budget remake of a 1963 film by Eiichi Kudo, 13 ASSASSINS was released last year in Japan to great acclaim and was subsequently nominated for the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival.


This sweeping tale of a group of unemployed samurai enlisted to put the whammy on a sadistic warlord is said to be a career highlight for director Miike (DEAD OR ALIVE, AUDITION) and – gore-hounds take note – pulls no punches in the hack-and-slash department.


13 ASSASSINS is currently available via Video On Demand, but will also begin a limited theatrical run beginning on April 29th. Check the official English website for theater info. 




Die-hard Miike completists, take note: The print of 13 ASSASSINS making the rounds in the US is an “international cut” missing about 20 min of footage from the Japanese version. Let’s hope that distributor Magnet Releasing can Scotch tape together a complete version for the eventual home video release.


Images: © 13 Assassins Film Partners 



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