Funimation Auctions Off Anime Goods For Charity

Signed posters and more available on ebay. Proceeds to Global Giving.

FUNimation is currently auctioning off a number of rare and collectible items for charity on ebay.  All proceeds from the auctions will be going to Global Giving to support Japan relief efforts.  They advise people to check back on their relief for japan site regularly to see if any new items have been added.  All items are available for shipping to North American addresses only.  You can also donate directly to Global Giving by clicking on the donation button on the site above if you would rather do that.

As of the time of writing, the total bids for all 15 auctions was a little over $3750 with a signed, framed piece of Dragonball Z art having the highest bid of $500.  There is still a little over two and a half days to go until the first auctions end so there is still time to get in on these. Go bid away for charity.



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