World's Biggest Pac-Man is World's Biggest Timekiller

Aussie dev takes pellet-chomping to the next level

Namco's Pac-Man has come along way in the last 30 years. His realm has been completely conquered by the mightiest of game warriors, and his original creator, Toru Iwatani, has since added to his legacy with the heavily retooled Pac-Man Championship Edition series. However, those puny maps have nothing on World's Biggest Pac-Man.


This take on one of gaming's greatest icons comes by way of Australian creative Soap Creative, and was unveiled at Microsoft's MIX11 event. Users can create their own maps for Pac-Man to traverse, all of which are connected via exits, forming one huge island of Pac-Mania.


The game was essentially crafted as a way of showcasing IE9, but it's playable on any HTML5 compatible browser. Whether you've got nothing to do or a lot to do, there's no better way to waste time this week, so hurry up and play before the map becomes a mess of phallic idolatry. 


Via Gizmodo

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