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the pillows "Comic Sonic" single available June 8

All it took to get the pillows' vocalist Yamanaka Sawo on board with the Sket Dance anime adaptation was a sly nod in Kenta Shinohara's original manga. In one of the chapters, fictional rockers The Sketchbook cover the pillows' "Funny Bunny" at a rock festival. As a result, the band has provided the ending theme in the form of their latest song, "Comic Sonic." 


"Comic Sonic" was written specifically for Sket Dance, and the single is set to hit Japanese shelves in both CD+DVD and CD-only version on June 8. In the anime community, the pillows are best known for providing the music for the Kazuya Tsurumaki-directed Gainax joint, FLCL (2000). 


In addition to the pillows' closing theme is an opener by French Kiss, a sub-unit of AKB48. "Kakkowarui I love you!," kicks the series off in style, and will also be available for purchase via various single editions. 


Hit the link below for more info on the tracklist for each group's corresponding singles.


Source [natalie via Tokyo Hive]

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