Dragon Ball Z, NARUTO, and One Piece Shirts At UNIQLO

Japanese "fast fashion" retailer teams up with Shonen Jump all-stars

To be real honest, I have mixed feelings about Japanese fast-fashion retailing giant UNIQLO. 

Sure, their clothes are dirt-cheap and their heat-generating HEATTECH gear has saved my butt from freezing on many a cold winter's night. But…jeez. There’s a UNIQLO store on practically every street corner in Japan, resulting in legions of zombie-like shoppers all wearing the same, ahem, “unique clothing”.


Still, my soap-box ready voice is bound to be in the minority. Especially when you get a look at UNIQLO’s new selection of designer shirts featuring Shonen Jump characters from Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece.


Retailing for a mere $19.90 each, the shirts are available in multiple szies and colors at UNIQLO’s US retail stores, of which there will soon be three in New York City alone. Can the rest of the world be far behind? And will you be throwing your trusty Dragon Ball Z club shirt in the trash anytime soon? Only UNIQLO knows for sure!


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