Cave Brings More Screen-filling Madness with Akai Katana

Spend a hot hot evening in Bullet Hell

Akai Katana is the latest shooter from one of the most legendary developers in the genre, Cave. Some of the Cave games you may or may not be familiar with include DoDonPachi (1997), Mushihime-sama (2004) and DeathSmiles (2007). Akai Katana continues a proud tradition of pleasurable pain, as evidenced in the video below.


Cave are among the pioneers of the "bullet hell" sub-genre of shoot 'em ups, ensuring almost every screen is filled with a storm of enemy fire so thick it takes the smallest of hit detection boxes to make your ship remotely maneuverable. Like DeathSmiles, Akai Katana is one of Cave's rare side-scrolling titles. (Most of their games are vertically oriented.) 


Check out the video for a look at the colorful but deadly action, and dig that funky background perspective while you're at it. What the hell kind of orientation is that? I want to live in this wacky, topsy-turvy world right now. 



The madness begins this May in Japan, when Akai Katana Shin lands on Xbox 360. Hopefully we'll be treated to a port at some point down the line.


Source [Kotaku]


Akai Katana official site (Japanese)

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