New to NIS America: Katanagatari, Arakawa Under the Bridge

Both series to be released in deluxe Blu-ray/DVD combos

NIS America—who are still relatively new to the anime distribution game, known more for publishing Nippon Ichi Software's cult-favorite games like the Disgaea series—have added two new series to their anime lineup: Katanagatari and Arakawa Under the Bridge


Set in Sengoku-era Japan, Katanagatari comes from NisiOisin's 12-volume series of light novels. Shichika Yasuri—seventh-generation head of the Kyoto-ryu martial arts school—lives with his sister Nanami on the isolated Fusho Island. His journey kicks into gear when he embarks on a quest to find the final 12 swords forged by a legendary swordsmith.


Arakawa Under the Bride is an adaptation of a gag manga by Hikaru Nakamura. The series' tales revolve around a beautiful homeless girl named Nino, along with the other strange Tokyo residents that live on the banks of Arakawa River. 


Both series will be released in deluxe Blu-ray/DVD combo packs, in English subtitled form, this July.


Source [NIS America's website]


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