Teaser for the 2011 Prince of Tennis Movie Posted

A quick peek at Prince of Tennis: Eikoku Shikiteikyuu-jou Kessen!

A teaser for The Prince of Tennis: Eikoku Shikiteikyuu-jou Kessen! recently went up on Yahoo! Japan's Shochiku channel, offering a 33-second glimpse of the 2011 anime film.


This one takes place at Wimbledon, where a variety of junior tennis players are ready to give it their all. Players from the Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai and Shitenhoji schools are there to represent Japan in the competition. The trailer is viewable both at the above link, and the source below.


The film—which also celebrates the 10th anniversary of mangaka Takeshi Konomi's popular series—opens in Japan on September 3, 2011.


Source [Nippon Cinema]


© Konomi Takeshi / Shueisha NAS · 2011 The Prince of Tennis Movie Project

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