Mitsuru Adachi Just Can't Get Enough Baseball

Touch, Cross Game creator has new series in works

If there's one thing mangaka Mitsuru Adachi doesn't want, it's for all of us to run out of baseball manga to read. Adachi is known in particular for bat-n-ball-centric manga like Touch (1981-1986) and the more recent Cross Game (2005-2010), so his latest project should come as no surprise to fans of his work.


Asaoka Koko Yakyu-Bu Nisshi - Over Fence (Asaoka High School Baseball Team Journal - Over Fence) follows Minori, female manager of a high school baseball team. The debut of the manga is to be announced in the 21st issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday—in which the aforementioned Adachi series were previously serialized. Over Fence is set to launch in the following issue. 


If this all has you jonesin' for more Adachi/baseball love, Viz Media have been publishing Cross Game in deluxe volumes in North America, and they've streamed the anime in its entirety over at


Source [Manga News]


CROSS GAME © 2005 Mitsuru ADACHI/Shogakukan

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