Hideaki Anno Producing Yumika Hayashi Documentary

Evangelion director goes live-action for late AV actress

Kantoku Shikkaku documents the life of Yumika Hayashi, an AV and pink film star who passed away suddenly in 2005 at age 34. With Neon Genesis Evangelion mastermind Hideaki Anno behind the film's production, directing duties fall on Katsuyuki Hirano, making this the first piece of theatrical work for the director in 11 years. 


Hirano originally met the late Hayashi through mutual work in the AV industry. The purportedly low-budget documentary will feature a combination of new footage and footage shot throughout Hayashi's life.


Toho will begin releasing the film in Japanese theaters on September 3.


Source [Eiga via Tokyograph]


Image: Eiga

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