Super Mario 3DS Completely Original, Coming This Year

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto dishes more Mario details

The actual launch lineups for new Nintendo platforms tend to be pretty weak. After all, is it really time to celebrate before the first official Mario title graces a new system? It's more or less been this way since Gamecube's launch—which featured Luigi's Mansion in lieue of a more traditional Mario game—and Nintendo's 3DS portable is no exception. Things are clearing up, however, as we now have more detailed information on Super Mario 3DS


The info comes from an interview with Edge, in which Mario creator and all-around Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed a few details about the first stereoscopic entry in the long-running series. 


Miyamoto described Super Mario 3DS as a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, and went on to explain how platforming with 3DS's three-dimensional depth makes it much easier to judge distance. He also confirmed that the tail extending from the game's logo is indeed a reference to one of Mario's classic power-ups. 


Best of all, according to Miyamoto, Super Mario 3DS is "completely original, and coming this year." Looks like you won't need to spend too much more time grooming dogs and cats in 3D before getting some real, plumber-powered use out of the portable.


Source [Edge via Joystiq]


Image: Joystiq

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